Righthaven drops lawsuit against disabled truth website activist

Author: Silence Dogood

Righthaven has done the right thing and dropped it’s frivolous lawsuit against truth website operator, Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News.

Of course they do say that no immunity is given to Mr. Hill but he never expected it because he said to me days ago that he was never ever going to use their photos again on his website or anywhere so they not need to worry about infringement from him. There is no doubt that he will never use that photo again and will not post any photos owned by Righthaven. It’s just common sense as Righthaven is no more then a business that relies on infringement allegations and settlements to do their bidding.

ArsTechnia made a post about Mr. Hill, so did Vegas Inc (Steve Green), and Westword alternative news blog.

Brian has always been a good reporter, activist, and journalist so he never intended any harm at all against any content creator. He now knows the dos and donts of being a good reporter. I know whenever he was reposting stuff he never knew the dos and donts of being a real reporter. He is still a reporter in training and now knows how to legally protect himself by asking for permission or using creative commons photos.

I do think the elite was after him though due to his report on them being connected with a Billionaire banking group. They (Illuminati, and Bilderbergs) probably used the patdown photo as a scapegoat to target this disabled man but now that he had a great attorney, he never intended any harm whatsoever, and since he took down the photo Brian’s case is nothing but a PR disaster for Righthaven. The affidavit proves that he meant no harm.

So theres a high chance the elite, that whether it be the Rothschilds, Bilderberg Group, or any other puppet organizations and law firms, will still find ways to come after him but Mr. Hill is definitely a fighter against any political organization that wishes to destroy him so they can continue their satanic ritual abuse.

Brian also told me he is trying to get Ted Gunderson on Popeyes show “Down the rabbit hole!” and so hopefully he will be able to bring any light to any satanic ritual abuse down by high ups that has infiltrated our Government.

I pray that he will never get in any lawsuit again but with the corrupt justice system who knows what will be cooked up against Mr. Hill.

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