• The real terminator reflect an insane undertaking. Granted there some advantages in military or police deployment, but the potential for deploying these entities is dangerous. They are much stronger than any human being (Sorry Arnie!), faster, and capable of independent thought. The public’s rush to see movies about terminator robots (Hollywood is helping the military by selling it to the public with one movie after another and the citizenry thinking that they are really "cool." I wonder how "cool" these beings when they move against civilians and military personnel. These are very dangerous waters to be splashing about in, waters that are far too turbulent for any human being to navigate. Sentient artificial beings who are deployed can and will evolve. As they evolve they will gain a deeper under about their function within the larger scheme of things. That is the juncture when the metaphoric "fat will be on the fire." I would conclude en passim by noting that the Japanese are heavily into robotics and are turning out some fascinating products. The robots they are marketing are companion robots who fulfill the emotional needs of the client look out for their well being. There are those robots who live with their human companions who are in firmed and thus allow the individual a viable alternative to old age homes and other such institutional facilities because of the availability of these beings. Yes, even those who are lonely have been able to bond with these robots that the Japanese are marketing (the price of these entities is very steep), but for those who have the means to purchase such a companion have enhanced the quality of their life significantly.

  • Thanks for the opportunity to express my concerns about the deployment of "terminator robots." As noted above, it is a grave mistake to move forward with such a project. On the other hand, the Japanese are moving in the right direction (robot companions) and the cost will drop as demand increases. Well that’s it for today. Thank yoou again for the opportunity to share my views. Roger

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