Proof that Shawn Mangano, Righthaven Attorney, perjured before the court!

Author: Silence DoGood

Update: The Release and Settlement Agreement scribd document is down due to some technical issues so here is a mirror.

The page to see the settlement agreement is on: Page 42 of the entire document!

Disclaimer: This is not regarding any court ruling. This is just a independent examination of court documents filed by both the defendant and prosecuting attorneys being examined to come to the conclusions in this article based on court documents already on public record. Everything in here is fact based, due to the court documents, and is not in any shape or form defamatory. If Righthaven doesn’t want articles like this then Shawn Mangano should not have perjured before the court.

According to investigation of multiple court documents added onto scribd by those watching the court case Righthaven Vs. Brian D. Hill, Shawn A. Mangano, a Nevada attorney that works with Righthaven LLC, made a perjured declaration before the court according to examination of multiple court documents, even after David Kerr was allowed to bring out the Release and Settlement Agreement, they still lied to the court that they wanted Brian to agree to “take down certain defamatory Internet posts” but it never mentioned that in the Settlement Agreement released by the defendants attorney.


Defendant’s mother was included in the settlement proposal in this case based on, among other things, the belief that she is the Defendant’s guardian. Moreover, including her in the proposal helped to mitigate any perceived competency issues raised by Defendant’s counsel. Righthaven did ask that any settlement be accompanied by a press release. It did not, asclaimed by Defendant, as him to agree to the contents of a fabricated press release. Any press release content required, obviously, the approval of Defendant’s counsel. Righthaven asked for a press release, along with the Defendant’s agreement to take down certain defamatory Internet posts as a means to redress the harm caused by him spreading actionable content to the public. This request was not to stifle public criticism or to require the Defendant to relinquish his right to free speech, which does not cover his actionable statements. I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed this 10th
day of June, 2011./s/Shawn A. Mangano – Shawn A. Mangano, Esq.
So while he said all this under penalty of perjury, he did not realize that already under the Release and Settlement Agreement released on public record as one of the exhibits to the court, mentions nothing regarding that Mr. Hill should agree not to make “Defamatory statements about the company” or even the word defamatory.
Also another thing to add was that Mr. Hill is now 21, Mr. Hill’s mothers never said she was his legal guardian but is now a caretaker due to Mr. Hill’s medical conditions.
This is what they wanted Brian to agree to in the settlement agreement. This is one of the sections copied from the Release and Settlement Agreement court document uploaded onto scribd.
The Defendants, collectively and individually, covenant, warrant, and represent that: (a) Defendants shall submit to Righthaven, within five (5) days after the Effective Date, a comprehensive list of all Media (identifying to Righthaven with enough specificity so that the location site and/or position is readily identifiable by Righthaven) with which, whereby or
where from Defendants and/or Defendants’ counsel have ever Disclosed any Content regarding the Case or Righthaven (the “Comments”); (b) Defendants, within fourteen (14) days after the Effective Date, shall use Defendants’ best efforts to remove, or have removed, in perpetuity any and all Comments from any and all Media, including, but not limited to, all areas of Facebook, Twitter,,, Scribd,,,,, and; provided, however, that if Defendants are not empowered or otherwise entitled to remove the Comments that are the subject of this Section 9, then Defendants and/or Defendants’ counsel shall formally request in writing to the respective owners or controllers of the respective Media, with a courtesy copy provided to Righthaven as notice per Section 22, that such Comments be removed immediately from the Media, within fourteen (14) days after the Effective Date; (c) Defendants and their counsel shall not make any further commentary about the Case or Righthaven to, or on, any Media, unless Defendants receive prior approval by Righthaven; and (d) Defendants shall poston for a minimum of sixty (60) days the Press Release.
So according to the evidence found in the two court documents published on scribd Shawn A. Mangano has misrepresented the facts that Settlement Agreement was never to get Brian to take down any defamatory statement, in fact, Mr. Hill said Nothing defamatory because Brian is a reporter for FederalJack and USWGO, so committing defamation would collapse any credibility Mr. Hill has earned for years of running USWGO and fighting the New World Order, all Brian’s intentions with his postings were to keep people informed of his lawsuit case, give out some opinions based on the facts and law, Brian was never notified that he made any defamatory statements on the internet, was never even notified by his own attorney that his postings were even considered defamatory, so Shawn A. Mangano has perjured himself before the court in an attempt to persuade Judge John. Kane (D. Colo) to deny David Kerr’s (Brian’s pro bono attorney) request for attorneys fees as a sanction for all that Righthaven has put him through.
So Shawn A. Mangano needs to be tried before the court for defamation against Brian Hill, misrepresenting the facts, and fraud.

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