Program Set For Washington Allows Cops To Abuse Kids With No Recourse

(C. PATIENCE SUMMERS)   On August 7th, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s office “hosted” a “S.M.A.S.H.” sweep in San Bernardino and invited neighboring city police to join in them.  Officers cruised through San Bernardino, stopping innocent civillians and criminalizing them.  Many civil rights were violated, but the worst part was the officer misconduct toward minor children in the Arden Guthrie area of San Bernardino, formerly known as “Little Africa.”

A team of civil rights activist had recently gone through the neighborhood and convinced the neighborhood that they can, indeed, have pride in themselves as Americans and, regardless of their race, should be proud of their neighborhood and not call it “Little Africa.”  Neighborhood children had been regularly going on civil rights marches around the neighborhood, picking up trash and cleaning up graffiti.  These were not hoodlums or gang bangers.  Some were honor roll students at their schools.

Fontana P.D. stopped a young black man and called him a punk and nigger, intimmidated him into allowing them to run him for warrants before releasing him, traumatized into the streets.  They stopped a single mother and harrassed her, too.  The worst was when the squad car rolled up to a group of children who were playing on their property.  The officer demanded to know what the area was called of the children, clearly wanting them to submit to the old nickname.  When a teenage boy gave him the answer he was looking for, “Little Africa,” he rolled his eyes and said, “I wonder why,” hefore he skitted off in his squad car.

Monday morning, this reporter visited the Sheriff’s Department and spoke with them regarding the behavior of Fontana P.D. in the Arden-Guthrie area of San Bernardino.  They refused to help, agreeing that they could take credit for all of the positive outcomes from the sweep; however, they would not accept any blame for officer misconduct.  This reporter then requested that, since they could not control Fontana P.D. while they were in San Bernardino, then they need to keep Fontana P.D. out of San Bernardino.

On Saturday, August 22nd, Fontana P.D. was spotted in the Arden Guthrie area again.  Clearly, San Bernardino Sheriff, Sheriff Hoops, has fouled San Bernardino.  These programs will be brought to Washington during this week by San Bernardino City Mayor, Patrick J. Morris.  Soon, we will see behavior like these officers run rampant all over the United States.  It can be assumed that, since the U.S. government is interested in programs like S.M.A.S.H. and Operation Phoenix, that Patrick Morris has started, we will see many more police brutality cases on our children and youths with nowhere to complain to.

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