Portland Cop Shoots Man 3 Times With Shotgun; Thought It Was A ‘Beanbag’ Gun, Says ‘Sorry’

(The Oregonian)   A lawyer for a 20-year-old Bremerton, Wash., man wounded by live rounds from what was supposed to be a Portland police beanbag shotgun says his client likely will suffer some permanent damage.

The Oregonian says William Kyle Monroe remains hospitalized in good condition, recovering from at least three separate wounds.

Lawyer Thane Tienson said Friday that one blast hit Monroe’s right buttocks, shattering his pelvis and puncturing his bladder and colon.

Tienson says Monroe required surgery and appears to have permanent damage to his sciatic nerve on the left side. The lawyer says that will likely lead to a permanent loss of mobility.

Police Chief Mike Reese and Mayor Sam Adams have called the June 30 shooting by Officer Dane Reister a tragic mistake due to human error. They publicly apologized to Monroe.

Police say Reister fired after officers issued unspecified commands to Monroe.


17 Responses to Portland Cop Shoots Man 3 Times With Shotgun; Thought It Was A ‘Beanbag’ Gun, Says ‘Sorry’

  • What were the commands?

  • 99% of cops are morons and power junkies.

  • Sounds like Oregon cops. They may not know the difference between a bean bag and a bullet, but they know how to lie in court. If you ever plan to drive a vehicle in Oregon, you should first read the facebook post for, “Gary Don Oliver, Kelso, Washington,” and don’t drive alone. (You may need to be a member of facebook, and click on the WALL button below the photo.)

  • “Shot in the buttocks” So he was moving AWAY from the officer?

    Not knowing what ammunition he had loaded IS criminal negligence.

    Somebody fire this clown now.

    He’s not even worthy of carrying pepper spray at the mall.

  • Good thing the cops can’t shoot for shit haha

  • Cops everywhere are the lowest down scum. I cheer every time I hear of a cop getting killed.

  • In Oakland the cop thought it was his taser and this cop thought it was bean bag rounds….who the h..l is getting hired these days that they can’t tell the diff?
    I call it Criminal Negigence!

  • Here is a great website about stupid cops:


  • The problem is that these “less lethal” weapons such as Tasers and beanbag rounds have encouraged police to shoot first and ask questions later, on the assumption there WILL be a later.

    The fact that “less lethal” weapons often look and/or feel like a lethal weapon makes it even harder to discriminate in the heat of battle. It is my understanding that the standard issue taser feels and operates almost exactly like the standard issue Glock, so without directly looking at the weapon, it is easy to mix them up. A beanbag shotgun is a NORMAL shotgun loaded with beanbag rounds. How can you tell when you’re on the street facing a belligerent person?

    It is my bet that if all “less lethal” weapons were banned, there would be a lot less accidental police shootings, and a lot less use of weapons as a first resort.

  • The police will investigate, then declare no harm/no foul since the guy didn’t die. The the victim will sue the city. The city(read taxpayer) will pay. The cycle will repeat. Why not? The taxpayer gets the bill every time. To stop this, give the victim the cops pension, car, house and jail him for attemped murder.

  • Police should be required to carry malpractice insurance, like doctors. Then when the cops screws up and gets sued, the taxpayer is not liable. The more often a cop screws up the more his premiums increase. Eventually, the really bad cops can’t afford the insurance anymore and won’t be able to be work. They’ll just be regular criminals then.

  • Here is another factoid:
    The police/sheriffs in the state of Oregon have siezed less than $192,000 via asset forfietures from the drug dealers that have over run the state.
    Yep, less than $192,000 for the Whole state, for the year 2010!
    And Portland PD didn’t turn in a dime.
    What are the drug dealers smarter than the cops?
    Or the cops stealing and ‘making’ deals with the druggies?
    My sources tell me that they are not spending the money on boats and fancy motorcycles like the LA Sheriffs did back in the 1990s.
    What they are spending the money on is ‘bug out locations’ and supplies, as they believe the planet Earth is about to get hit with a series of meteors and earthquakes as ‘Nibiru/Wormwood” is approaching.
    What’s scary?
    I had an informal chat with a federal agent about the corruption in Oregon Police/Sheriffs.
    He was far more interested in what I knew about Wormwood/Nibiru!

  • They always get away because like the Clinton administration and the Bush administration, they investigate themselves, which is the same reason why FDA,EPA,BATF, are clean as a whistle, because they investigate themselves and do their OWN experiments. Outsiders are not allowed. Get it?

  • I would hope he was not shot in the back. Stories like this make me know why govt officials and police hate for photographers to be around getting pictures. It is not a crime to take pictures in a public area, but more often than not the film or digital camera is forcibly taken and the pictures are “lost” in custody.

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