POLICE STATE: Surveillance System Tags, Tracks & Follows You


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  • TIA! Total Information Awareness, but in real geospatial time. Good old Admiral Poindexter. When I was a kid, watching sci-fi movies, I use to wonder how in the world did they speak over large TV monitors or spy on someone tracking them where ever they went. Well, now I know. In the 21st Century, they have cameras all over the place. I could never understand why people here in the US are so complicitous in robbing themselves of their own civil liberties. It makes you wonder what is the psychosociological effect on the behavior and psychology of the populace who are placed under this type of surveillance. Are we to become like Acient Rome? Where the Roman citizen had to peer over his shoulder in fear that Ceasar might over hear his words or see his deeds? We already have the NDAA with Provision 1876. Welcome to Rome 2012 C.E. Please keep a vial of poison or a sharp knife to slit your wrist Cicero!

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