POLICE STATE 2010: Woman Arrested for Refusing To Be Groped By TSA at Austin Airport


3 Responses to POLICE STATE 2010: Woman Arrested for Refusing To Be Groped By TSA at Austin Airport

  • a bunch of sheep ………..the fact that most agreed that she should submit tells me one thing …..the media has and is doing there job as the mouth piece of the TSA and the godmother janet m

  • We are in trouble big time. It seems that the majority of the people wish to remain sheep and believe whatever they are told by Big Brother. They will not wake up until they feel the iron boot kicking them in the face, but then it will be too late. I believe it is too late already.

  • “The law is the Law” ? ? ? ? HELLOOOOO, anyone there ? read Article six of the US Constitution. It says ALL laws MUST conform to the US Constitution; & even IF any laws are passed which don’t, judges MUST enforce the Constitution & not those unConstitutional “laws”.

    Looking at the US Supreme Court’s record, they have ruled that an unlawful contract cannot be enforced.

    so, 2 of the 3 branches of govt agree in writing that the US Constitution trumps everything else.

    GET A LAWYER. It is the only thing these traitors will under$tand.

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