Police Severely Beat Man Half To Death For Bicycling Without Headlight

()   Police Beat A Man Nearly To Death, Hospitalizing Him In Critical Condition, For Riding A Bicycle Without A Headlight And Somehow The Dash-cam Video Is Unavailable.

This is just the latest string of violent police beating and police brutality cases which so far have gone unpunished stemming across the entire nation. All have the same mo of police claiming the person they severely beat or killed was resisting arrest.

Police Beat Man Half To Death For Riding Bicycle Without Headlight

A commenter on Godlike Production writes:

Nice, they run this guy down, knock him from his bike, then beat and kick him, then charge him for “resisting arrest.” And, surprise surprise, the dashcam video is somehow “unavailable.”

Thank you our police/nanny state guardians , for keeping us safe — “your bicycle needs a headlight for your own safety, and we’ll run you down and beat you if you don’t have one … all for your protection, of course.”

Local Texas NBC station KRIS TV reports:

Attorneys Say Local Police Officer Severely Beat Unarmed Man


Martin Garcia Ortiz is in critical condition after an incident allegedly involving Aransas Pass police back on August 10th.

The family and their attorneys say they believe a rogue police officer may be to blame for Ortiz’s severe injuries.

48-year-old Martin Garcia Ortiz is a life long Aransas Pass resident, though for the past few weeks he’s been at Spohn Memorial Hospital in Corpus Christi.

On August 10th, Ortiz’s family says he was riding his bicycle home and just a few blocks away something happened to put him in critical condition.

Just before midnight, the family’s attorneys say they believe police tried stopping Ortiz for not having a headlight on his bike. Then, the situation took a dramatic turn when one officers allegedly knocked Ortiz to the ground.

“Either with his vehicle or with his person pushed him over on his bicycle. He fell over to the street,” said Stephen Carriganan, attorney for the family.


They say, they believe when Ortiz was already on the ground bleeding the officer got out and punched or kicked him causing even more injuries.


Police are charging Ortiz with public intoxication and resisting arrest.

The family’s attorneys report the police department has told them the dash-cam video from the police unit was- for some reason- unable to record the incident.


The family says they have been contacted by the Texas Ranger who are investigating the incident.

They’re asking anyone who may have witnessed the incident to come forward and contact the Rangers at [512] 424-2160.

Source: KRIS / NBC



4 Responses to Police Severely Beat Man Half To Death For Bicycling Without Headlight

  • Too many cops want to join the growing fascism that’s destroying our nation!

  • Nobody, including police officers, is above the law. How can the police claim this was reasonable force. To beat someone like this for riding a bicycle without a headlight is a sad statement, a full impartial investigation must be conducted. I hope Martin Garcia Ortiz makes a full recover.

  • Any “Cop” is acting under “Color” of the State in which he/she is employed. This means that the State is Legally Responsible for the direct actions of their man/woman in Uniform.

    I smell a lawsuit coming. 🙂

    This is sadly because of a Rise of the Police State.
    When today’s enforcement of (The LAW) includes but not limited to, Downloading a persons Cellular Phone memory content’s, Bio-Metric scanning of an Individual with mobile devices to capture Facial Recognition Software, 10 Point Finger Prints, and Iris Scans of a persons eyes. This is clearly a tactic to place Citizens into a Working Data Base.

    Since this is the case, Information taken is for a SEARCH. And “Should” require a Warrant for said search. Since the formation of these Fusion Centers, There seems to be a mad rush to enter as many people as they (States) wants to “Catalog” the American People. Welcome to Nazi Germany.

    This is as bad but also not limited to being asked, Where one is coming from, Going to which is also like Nazi Germany. A Stop is to have Probable Cause not just stopping people because they looked like a easy target. Who knows, If a Cop stopped a person and asked you Where you were coming from could be a Trap Question. Answering the Officer with, “I just left your Wife sweating in Bed.” Would then not be the answer the Officer wanted to hear? 🙂

    Until Martial Law is declared, Which is coming… It is no ones business where or what one was doing prior to the Stop. Either Arrest a person for current actions i.e. Drivers incomplete Vehicle Papers, Sobriety failure but submitting to a Cat & Mouse questions game is only designed to entrap someone. It would be better to remain silent, Extend your hands to be Cuffed and let the State provide you with a Lawyer.

    One thing that has not surprised me is so far they have not asked for a DNA Sample to compare with the DNA stolen at Birth when this cataloging of Humans started. We are way past the Movie “1984”. Big Brother is watching you! FAIL!

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