Police bust a Root Beer keg party and force 90 teens to take breathalyzers, not one teen tested positive for alcohol

(MSNBC)   Cars lining the street. A house full of young people. A keg and drinking games inside. Police thought they had an underage boozing party on their hands.

But though they made dozens of teens take breath tests, none tested positive for alcohol. That’s because the keg contained root beer.

The party was held by a high school student who wanted to show that teens don’t always drink alcohol at their parties. It has gained fame on YouTube.com.

Dustin Zebro, 18, said he staged the party after friends at D.C. Everest High School got suspended from sports because of pictures showing them drinking from red cups.

The root-beer kegger was “to kind of make fun of the school,” he said. “They assumed there was beer in the cups. We just wanted to have some root beer in red cups and just make it look like a party, but there actually wasn’t any alcohol.”

Nearly 90 breath tests were done, and officers even searched locked rooms for hiding teens.

“It was a tremendous waste of time and manpower, but we still had a job to do, and our officers did it,” Joling said. “If one kid had come there, even hadn’t drank there, but had come there and had been drinking and had left and crashed and burned, then what would the sentiment be? Why didn’t the police check everybody out?”



5 Responses to Police bust a Root Beer keg party and force 90 teens to take breathalyzers, not one teen tested positive for alcohol

  • I think it was the cops that were drinking.

  • They were drunk on power, like they usually are.

  • I know. My old man and one of my grandfathers were in law enforcement and they understood that they were public servants. These cops are a joke with their “bust of the century.”

  • On April 10 2012 I was pulled over while an officer was sitting at the left lane, and I was making a left on the right lane, I don’t drink but was pulled over and he never gave me a reason as to why he pulled me over. I got out of the car and said hello officer. He was in a bad mood and started to give me a sobriety test. I asked him why was he giving me a sobriety test and why did he pull me over, but never gave me an answer. I told him that I don’t drink alcohol. So he called the DUI expert. He came and gave me the same sobriety test and told officer P. Gomez from N.Miami Beach that I was fine, He got angry and took off my jewelry and threw in my purse and hand cuffed me. He never read me my Miranda rights, and I was transported to the police station, and I went to jail. As soon as he found out that I was married to a police officer because of my last name. Although I am no longer married to him and he now works for FDLE. He falsified the police report by saying that I fell out of the car and I smelled like alcohol and my speech was slurred. I am in the process of making a report with Internal Affairs. I never had a DUI in my life. This has caused me major problems. I will make sure that he does not get away with this.North Miami Beach Police Department is known for making false police reports. But this is one that is going to be investigated to the fullest.

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