POLICE BRUTALITY: WNYW News Crew Beaten by NYPD Police While Covering Occupy Wall Street

(TV SPY)   A WNYW news crew was maced and beaten by police on Wednesday night while covering the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Reporter Dick Brennan and photographer Roy Isen got caught in the middle of an altercation between police officers and a group of protesters, at the end of a day spent covering the ongoing demonstrations in lower Manhattan.  Brennan was struck in the stomach with a baton and Isen was hit in the eyes with pepper spray.

“Since the arrests over the weekend, these demonstrations have been mostly peaceful.  That’s until tonight,” Brennan reported.  “And I can tell you because my photographer and I got caught in the middle of things when the pepper spray and the night sticks started flying.” Video inside…



9 Responses to POLICE BRUTALITY: WNYW News Crew Beaten by NYPD Police While Covering Occupy Wall Street

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  • what a fat slob.

  • I just pray the media gets on the right side of this, right now they are not.
    when the government gets done killing all of their cia assets pretending to be terrorists, who do you think is next, academia,proffesors,teachers, doctors, the media,radio talk hosts,etc.they are not going to slaughter the masses, someone has to do the work, you guys do not work, you spew vile comments and lies for your masters, they will not save you, who will defend you , if you can spew lies to millions of people a day,with a straight face, and demonize true public opinion in a free society, there is no lie to beg to tell , YOU ARE A THREAT….YOU ARE DANGEROUS…YOU MUST GO…AND GO YOU WILL, the propaganda masters never survive the revolution once the masses figure out what you have been doing , you are between a rock and a hard place… right between your masters and the masses…..no quarter…

  • Love this site. The NYPD savagery has reached disgusting heights. Please support the petition to end NYPD brutality & demand justice: http://www.change.org/petitions/nyc-mayor-stop-brutality-by-nypd-officers-on-wall-st-establish-accountability

  • This anchor is pathetically unaware about anything thats going on in the world.

  • my recent comment was about the CNN anchor that was on UTUBe not this video.

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