POLICE BRUTALITY: Cop Beats 17 Year Old Girl Leading To Her Miscarriage


9 Responses to POLICE BRUTALITY: Cop Beats 17 Year Old Girl Leading To Her Miscarriage

  • Of course, Popeye, we have to wait until all the facts are known, but this sounds to me like a typical incident of police brutality that usually involves law enforcement and lower working class white, Hispanic or black people. What’s needed is that these forces need to come together and realize that they are all in the same boat. Once they do that they can use their power to put pressure on the system about police brutality in working class areas. Hey, let’s face it. The woman was black and most likely working class. And I can see the same thing happening in a poor white section of town. It’s time we start addressing and putting the heel legally and politically on the system to stop bludgeoning its own citizens.

  • The officer is probably guilty of murder or at least manslaughter.

  • Well, at least we live in the land of the Brave and Free! We’re not free and we are not brave enough to stand up to abuse like this. Otherwise we are just living in the land of the subjugated cowards!

  • No, no, no…I’m sorry, but the fact of me reading about another incident like this every three days indicates a very deeply-rooted problem that probably begins with the free training police departments receive courtesy of the A.D.L., which training tries to drum into their heads the twisted notion of the people of this country being their enemies rather than their employers. What you’re calling "police brutality" has now become "police policy", and regardless of what public apologies follow incidents like this, the cops are NEVER punished for their crimes, with the exception of an occasional paid vacation.

    As long as this behavior is both taught and encouraged by the upper echelons of police departments across the country, the police have made themselves the enemy of the people, and they’ll never be punished for any of their abuses until the people decide they’ve had enough, and start hanging the brutal punks up from tree limbs all across America.

    It’s the only option we have left, because obviously no one is going to stop this gang of hoodlums we call "the police" except for the people themselves, so round up the neighbors, get yourself a good, strong length of rope, and do what has to be done to save yourself from the latest brutal crime wave erroneously known as "law enforcement."

    Hang the son-of-a-bitch from a tree limb so we might finally see some justice in this country, and then find his boss, and string up that son-of-a-bitch too.

  • What is interesting is that she has one child and was pregnant with another, and she was 17 years old. She doesn’t know who the father is which is typical of blacks. The cartoon "Family Guy,’ had an episode where the Baby stewie had a girl friend. Stew is talking to the dog Brian when he says, "But Brian if Olivia and I get married and have children and it doesn’t work out. What am I suppose to do. I just can’t leave her. What kind of a man would I be if I left her Brian, please tell me. Brian thought for a minute and than told Stew, "Well Stewie you would be a black man." This is so true. Who coined the phrase, "Find them, Feel them, F*** them, and forget them." Blacks did. 90% of black children to day or illegitimate.

  • There probobly was more to the picture than meets the eye, but aren`t the cops supposed to have training for these situations just like this. With all this police brutality that goes on they cannot keep on with actions like this!! There are only so many excuses they can have till it starts turning into a sporting like situation like they have turned a arrest into. Good thing that 17 yr.old girl wasn`t a street person or a older senior citizen – instead of her unborn baby it easily could have been her that was murdered. Tough copper man handling 17 yr. girl., pig cop!

  • Ya know, the realy sad thing about the authority figures is that they probobly have kids but they would never man handle there kids that way. Also , their kids are being brought up with the same piggish twisted morality as these cops pushing us citizens around – safe and secure streets of amerika, right?

  • lets see,the rich shipped the jobs out of america to make more money, the police and government protected them while they did it,NOW everything is made in china,NO one has a job including me and most of the people I know,and the blacks can’t support there kids,you should give them your job and I bet they would be glad to support their kids,In the mean time you need to wake the fu up, color don’t play into this one, its the traitors who are screwing up this country,get it yet……..

  • NO ONE gets it YET,these guys are being trained to collect up the GUNS,they are being taught HOW easy it will be to go DOOR to DOOR and take anything they want including your ol’LADY and TEENAGE DAUGHTER if they want her???? some will want your young sons,some will want all the above,others will only want your gold and silver or your food,some will be interested in your DOG (male or female)they won’t care,better get ready,when obammy gives the word-THEY’LL BE ON YOU LIKE STINK ON SHIT………….

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