Photos The IDF Doesn’t Want You To See And How They React When You Capture Them On Film

(Audrey Farber)   If this is what happens to photographers who “misrepresent Israeli soldiers,” here is my rebuttal:

In the last eight or nine months, Nabi Saleh has become more and more the epicenter of military violence against non-violent protesters in the West Bank. In a situation where protesting is not just against the wall but against the very nature of the occupation, the soldiers have become more and more brazen in their aggression against the villagers and the protesters.


2 Responses to Photos The IDF Doesn’t Want You To See And How They React When You Capture Them On Film

  • There are some nice web sites that show why Israel does not have a “Fair” voice in the Media. It is story after story of Reporters shot in the Head or in their Backs while trying to report on the conditions of GAZA.

    The Israeli Military always explains these Deaths as *They got in the way, Or the Reporter had a Weapon.* But in all cases it was fully Investigated and no Israeli Soldier was found to be at fault. BRAVO!!!

    I wonder what a Rock is like when it is being thrown at STEEL compared to a Bullet as it rips through a young boys skull. The later would do more damage I would think. I know as a Kid that we never like to move. So I can Imagine having to move every time your house is Bulldozed.

    But at least Israel is a Peaceful Nation.

  • Hey Bibby and the rest of you Zionist a bag of cocks you pole-smoking goat fuckers!

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