Patriot Murder Cover-up In West Memphis, Arkansas: The Jerry and Joe Kane Story

Mark Jungwirth
We Are Change – Oshkosh

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The West Memphis, Arkansas police force is known for brutality, racism and cover-ups. The latest big story pertaining to that department is a multiple murder cover-up. Four people are now allegedly dead; yes, I said allegedly dead. This will make much more sense as the rest of the information unfolds. The four people are Jerry and Joe Kane and officers Brandon Paudert and Thomas “Bill” Evans, of the West Memphis police. I will begin with the official story and then expose the numerous holes contained within the details, as well as many of the lies, contradictory statements, and suspect actions of the Chief of Police, Bob Paudert.

According to the official story, Jerry Kane and his son Joe were anti-government extremists who believed the government to be illegitimate. They were allegedly pulled over by “Bill” Evans. The son, Joe Kane, allegedly jumped out of the vehicle and gunned down both Brandon Paudert and Evans after Jerry Kane pushed Evans down a hill at the roadside, while being searched. After Joe allegedly shot the two officers both he and his father supposedly got back into the vehicle and drove off. 90 minutes later Jerry and Joe allegedly opened fire on two officers that attempted to cut off their path, and were gunned down by authorities in a Wal-Mart parking lot up the road from the traffic stop.

At a glance this story appears to make perfect sense, but when you analyze the details it becomes more than obvious that the official version of events makes about as much sense as an obese elderly man, living in the coldest place on Earth, who travels by flying reindeer, delivering presents to every home on the planet in one night.

First of all, the Wal-Mart that Jerry and Joe Kane were gunned down at is 5 minutes up the road from the alleged traffic stop. Are we to believe that in a city of less than 30,000 people it took authorities 90 minutes to find murder suspects that were 5 minutes away from the original incident, and in public no less? This seems highly improbable.

What did the “news” have to say? The original news reports said that the suspects were Hispanic, and at first the authorities were willing to say nothing more. Further details began to emerge before long; but some of these details would later be changed. Such as early reports that stated there were multiple AK-47s used. That was later changed to an AK 47 and a Taurus revolver. The story I just referred to also reported that authorities found “a marijuana brick, rolling papers, a scale and screens with burnt marijuana cigarettes behind the passenger seat.” But the very next day the news reported by the Associated Press had a contradicting account. That story alleges that the police recovered an AK-47, a Taurus Revolver, and a dozen other firearms, as well as burnt marijuana cigarettes, but mentions nothing of a “brick” of marijuana. Aren’t a dozen firearms and an entire brick of pot big pieces of information to be missing in each respective report?

But what about the video evidence that shows the Kanes killing two officers?  No such video exists. What does exist is video that has been clearly edited and was released 41 days after the incident itself. If you don’t think there is anything fishy about the amount of time it took for the dash cam footage to be released, you need to realize that it usually only takes a matter of a few days to release footage of such an incident. In the case of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer who choked an EMT, it took less than half the amount of time that it took for West Memphis to release the supposed video of the Kane incident. And that was after the Oklahoma department had been criticized for not wanting to release the tape, due to it showing the officer’s inexcusable conduct. If the dash cam video of the alleged West Memphis shooting was so clearly in favor of the West Memphis Police why did it take so long to release it?

Back to the dash cam video being clearly edited. By viewing the released alleged dash cam footage you instantly notice one thing. There is no audio at all on the dash cam of the police vehicle (Chevy Tahoe) that is said to have pulled over the Kanes. Then when officer Paudert is arriving to the scene, the video switches cameras from “Bill” Evans’ Tahoe to officer Paudert’s squad car, and then back to Evans’ Tahoe. Why would the video switch from one dash cam to another in one video when the dash cams are supposed to be considered evidence in a double murder? Shouldn’t we see the first car’s dash cam video, beginning to end; then the next car’s dash cam video beginning to end; and so forth? And why is there no sound while Evans’ camera is operating, but there is audio loud and clear from all of the other police vehicles’ dash cams from that day? It is evidenced by the released video of the first responders to the scene of the alleged traffic stop shooting that at least some West Memphis officers not only have dash cams with working audio, but they are mic’d into the dash cam so any conversation the officer is engaged in is recorded to the camera. It could be argued that the audio on Evan’s dash cam simply didn’t work. However, I point out in my video analysis of the so-called traffic stop videos that when the camera switches from Pauderts’ approaching car’s dash cam, then back to Evans’ Tahoe’s dash cam that the audio on Paudert’s dash cam is cut slightly BEFORE the screen changes. This indicates that it is not Evans’ dash cam that has non-functioning audio. The audio track specifically and indisputably has been tampered with. The fact that Evans’ car (that is said to have pulled over the Kanes) has the audio cut from it is extremely important because when all the commotion takes place this is the only camera that the public is allowed access to. Things couldn’t possibly make less sense. Yet, it’s only going to get more absurd.

The day after the video of the first responders to the alleged traffic stop shooting was released I received and email from a friend who told me that the video was removed from the news site that originally posted it. Luckily I still had my computer on and had the internet tab with that video open and was able to record the video playing at full screen on my monitor with my webcam. I firmly believe that the reason this video was removed is due to the fact that it contains so many more smoking gun pieces of evidence of a cover-up. The fact that the video of the first responders wasn’t required to make a case against the Kanes in the eyes of the public most likely helped along the decision to pull it offline. One of the smoking gun pieces of evidence I speak of in this case is the fact that the official story claims that officer Evans was shot 11 times and officer Paudert 14 times. That’s at least 25 shots from Joe Kane in a small area. But in the removed video you see one of the first responder officers, who is mic’d into his dash cam, get out of his car, survey the area, and then, obviously confused, you clearly hear him ask, “Where is all the bullets?” Another piece of smoking gun evidence of a cover-up is the fact that in the removed video the supposed corpse of Brandon Paudert goes from being half of a body (waist down), to being a full body, back to a body from the waist down. Some people have postulated that the body was covered by a blanket or something else. That is nearly impossible because it would have had to be covered with a blanket that matched the exact color and texture of the road, right down to the white road line that intersects with the half-corpse’s waistline; and it would have had to be placed perfectly as to create the visual effect of there only being half a body. What are the odds of that? It has also been argued that it isn’t a half-body in the road, and that it is a matter of camera perspective. Some claim that if the half corpse (as I call it) is really a half corpse, it would be 12 feet tall if it were a full corpse. That idea is proven wrong by measuring a couple different objects in the video when it is paused. If you measure the half corpse’s legs and compare them to the size of the officer’s legs who is standing to the right in the frame (just across the street) at 4:41 of this video, you can see that the legs of the half corpse and the legs of the standing officer are the same size. You can also measure the width of the white road line in the same video and compare the size of that line to the length and width of the half corpse and the standing officer, and also to the width of the tires of the cars. If that is not a half corpse in the video then that means the road line is almost a foot wide, which it obviously isn’t.

Then we have the statements of Chief Bob Paudert. There are many lies, inconsistencies, and suspicious occurrences in his words. He claims that when he arrived on the scene that he saw officers trying to hold Mr. Evans’ head out of the water. This doesn’t match what we see in the video of the first responder cars at all. If Evans was face-down in water, the first thing we would see in the video of the first responders arriving is officers rushing to Evans and holding up his head. What we actually see is one officer arriving and immediately engaging in conversation with another man (truck driver) who is said to be a witness. Then later in the same video when it cuts to another arriving car’s dash cam, you can see an officer go to the ditch where Mr. Evans is allegedly laying with his face in the water, look in the ditch, and turn around and walk away with no concern for a fellow officer who is dying/drowning. Chief Paudert also says that Jerry and Joe Kane were both out of the van at the same time, being talked to by officers “Bill” Evans and Brandon Paudert. This doesn’t match what the alleged dash cam videos show either. In the same clip he says that “They had them out and they were talking to them… And they were involved in some type of discussion. And that’s when the guy in the back started shooting.” That implies there were three people involved, not just Jerry and Joe. Also, who is this “guy in the back”? There was nobody in the dash cam videos in the back of the Kane’s van. So what does the Chief mean by this? Later in this same video Chief Paudert says, “You see a 16 year old boy with his dad, you don’t think he’s gonna do anything. You’re more worried about father than you are the son. The father supposed to be in control. You got the one that’s in control out here talkin’ to, and you feel like you got the main one there.” He is now back to the official story, saying that there were two people rather than three as he implied earlier.

At one point in the interview a reporter asked the Chief if the bullets pierced “Bill” Evans’ flak vest. The Chief answers by saying, “Yes it did. That’s what killed him.” The problem with this is that the official story says that Joe Kane got out of the van, shot Evans in the back, then chased Paudert around the back of the vehicles and shot him in the head multiple times, then ran back and shot Evans again to finish him off. Forget about the fact that this is barely a feat that a trained marksman could accomplish (much less a 16 year old kid) in a matter of seconds against police officers. How could bullets piercing Evans’ vest be what killed him when he was allegedly first shot in the back (not through the vest)? This would mean that when Joe Kane went back to finish Evans off he shot him in the bullet-proof vest. Why would you finish someone off by shooting them in the bullet-proof vest, rather than the head or anywhere else unprotected? It doesn’t add up.

These aren’t the only things that are wrong with this “official story.” There are many other pieces of evidence to back up the fact that there is a cover-up going on here. Further evidence can be found at

But why would the authorities want to set up Jerry and Joe Kane for murder? Jerry Kane did extensive research into law. Specifically mortgage law. He found a way to save your house from foreclosure if the bank is after you. When Jerry found this information he began telling people about it. At the time Jerry and Joe were killed, they were traveling the United States together on Jerry’s tour of lectures/workshops, educating anyone who needed help saving their home. Not only was Jerry Kane teaching people how to fight the banks and win, he was also teaching people about other lawful rights that everyone has that you won’t learn at any school. As we know, banks want their money, and will go to disgustingly immoral lengths to keep what money they have, and to even farther lengths to gain more. Also, as we know, the only thing that the government wants you to “know” about your rights is that you don’t have any. The United States is run by the banks, through the courts. You do the math.

Please spread the youtube videos that I link to in this article everywhere. Send letters, make phone calls, etc. to mainstream and alternative news outlets, as well as to public officials all over Arkansas, including Internal Affairs, and make them aware of this information. We may not be able to bring back Jerry and Joe Kane, but we can bring the corrupt West Memphis, Arkansas Police Department to justice.

Lester Ditto
West Memphis Internal Affairs Division
Office Phone: 870-732-7518

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel’s Office
323 Center Street, Suite 200
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
Phone: 501-682-2007

Govorner Mike Beebe’s Office
General Information, Phone: 501-682-2345
Chief of Staff, Phone: 501-682-3607
Director of Communications, Phone: 501-682-3623

Dorothy Wallace
Administrative Assistant to Mayor William H. Johnson of West Memphis
Phone: 870-732-7500
Fax: 870-732-7504

Chief Of Police, Bob Paudert
Office Phone: 870-732-7652

Asst. Chief Of Police, Mike Allen
Office Phone: 870-732-7652



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