Out Of Control Atlanta Cop Terrorizing & Abusing Citizens Allowed To Stay On Force


7 Responses to Out Of Control Atlanta Cop Terrorizing & Abusing Citizens Allowed To Stay On Force

  • The NWO/globalist police-state we’re in utilizes psychopaths to run amok from low-level cops like Hobbs to highly-treasonous filth like Bush/Cheney!

    P.S. That police chief is a pathetic wimp not fit to wear a badge!

  • I knew a cop who was the same way as this asshole. One night while off duty he went drinking at a local bar. Three men a and women at the bar reconized this cop. The women came on to the officer, led him out to her car where the three men were waiting. Once the cop was in the car they blind folded him and drove him to a wooded area and literally beat the hell out of him putting him in the hospital. A week later this cop quit the force. Sounds to me like this ass wipe of a cop is long overdue.

  • I hear that making them lie on a red ant mound is an effective behavioral adjustment practice. Of course, once the red ants are on a person’s body, by the thousands, the only thing that will get them off is gas and a match.

  • This little fascist is no different than thousands like him. Why have these people not sued? What is the little “four star” bureaucrat doing in this job? Why aren’t they both fired? He needs a “blanket party” alright. The fact is that they don’t train them, they recognize them. This is the future if they continue to get away with it.

  • Put his psychotic Sadistic ass in jail and we will see what kind of a Pus he really is at heart.

  • greg.porter@co.clayton.ga.us is the police commissioners e-mail if you are disgusted.

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