Operation Terrorization: Coming To A Neighborhood Near You!

By C. Patience Summers
(760) 317-8854

A program started by San Bernardino City Mayor, Patrick J. Morris, supposedly developed to stop gang activity is being considered in Washington. The program, dubbed “Operation Phoenix,” was supposed to be a collaboration between law enforcement, social services, code enforcement and many others to “reach the community” through community centers, sweeps in high crime neighborhoods and block parties held to help “expose residents to services available to them.” These “services” were the judicial system, welfare, Child Protective Services/foster care, and code enforcement citations.

Since it’s inception, Operation Phoenix has purportedly lowered crime statistics; however, Steve Tibbetts, Criminology Professor at CSUSB, differed. Apparently, many crimes that would have been classified as “violent” crimes prior to Operation Phoenix have been reclassified to make it appear as if Operation Phoenix was actually working to lower crime when nothing could be further from the truth. It was reported that prior police chief, Michael Billdt, attempted to bully the professor into recanting his statement, but it did not work.

One of the community centers had a man (Mike Miller) working there with no actual job description who was paid $144K per year with full access to children. This resulted in the alleged molestation of at least three children. These community centers had issues: footballs & no pumps; social workers trolling for potential C.P.S. cases and nudie pic sessions between other staff members and strange women.

The “sweeps” were the worst. “Sweep” is another term for “raid” so, essentially, Operation Phoenix did raids on the poor parts of town, pretty much door to door with law enforcement, C.P.S. (Child Protective Services), code enforcement and a “part time” district attorney hired (who was paid $111K per year) to nit-pick residents for any reason to cite, arrest them and take their children into the foster care system. Teenagers were stopped, searched and ran for warrants, criminalized for simply walking around their own blocks. Complaints of officer misconduct were rampant, but residents were intimmidated into not talking.

Patrick J. Morris sits on the boards of directors to many C.P.S. contracted agencies, including but not limited to “The Children’s Fund.” For all intents and purposes, his agencies make money whenever a child is taken into the foster care system and his program bolsters foster care ratios through the proverbial roof. Now, he intends upon unleashing his program thruout the whole United States of America. That’s right! He’s going to Washington with Operation Terrorization. What is America going to do about it?

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