Only Mass Arrests Can Shut Down “Government By Corporate Dictatorship”

(GORDON DUFF)   Republicans, using their control of the House of Representatives and Supreme Court are blackmailing America.  Their threat?  They say they will collapse our economy, shut it down and throw America into a total depression if we don’t agree to end Medicare and give the rich a tax free existence.  They have more demands too, ones we haven’t seen yet.  I suspect nuking Iran is on their list.  There are a few lakes and streams not polluted yet.

They have mentioned they want an end to all regulations and inspections of nuclear power plants.

Can they pull it off?  Yes.  How should the president respond?  Should he “give in?”

We have seen President Obama do two crazy things recently.

  1. He “killed” the long dead Osama bin Laden.  This was a creative act unparalleled.  Bush had kept the idea of bin Laden alive to keep his drug empire going for his dad.  This was the big reason.  Without bin Laden “alive,” we had no excuse for spending hundreds of billions of dollars protecting the Bush family opium crop.  Since they relocated from the Golden Triangle, costs have gone up.
  2. Now we are hearing our new Secretary of Defense tell us that Al Qaeda, which never existed in the first place, is now gone.  Good job Leon!

This simply isn’t enough.  There is one more card to be played, 9/11.

For the past 10 years, evidence has been mounting up that 9/11 and the subsequent wars were part of an operation that began with the rigging of the 2000 election.  5 Supreme Court justices were involved in that, operating entirely outside their authority and the US Constitution.

They can, should and must be arrested.  They are the leverage, the 5 vote majority, total crooks owned and operated by organized crime, that are trying to destroy the United States.


With Social Security and Medicare gone, all but the wealthiest Americans will die in utter poverty.  Most of America’s private pension plans and insurance companies are insolvent.  The vast majority of American workers have no comprehensive coverage and lost their savings and home equity in the “pump and dump” crash engineered during the Bush administration.

9/11 is the answer.  It no longer has to be there in the closet, America’s massive conspiracy, the “big secret” kept from the American people. (Providing the Roswell “aliens” of 1947 weren’t real after all.)

9/11 is a very real premise for taking down the court, arresting enough Republicans in congress to eliminate their control of the house and, in the process, clean out the Pentagon of the fanatics and traitors that have been blocking reforms.

If this sounds a bit like Huey Long, I admit it is.

The one person trying to hold things together is Texas Congressman Ron Paul.  Paul has a temporary plan which would allow the Federal Reserve System, the illegal pack of thieving foreign bankers that have run America since 1913, to cash in $1.6 trillion in treasury bonds they have been sitting on.

Paul’s heart is in the right place.  He is, thus far, the only Republican that seems to care about the people of the United States.

For this, we should remember him, perhaps even next election time.

For now, we have to recognize the truth:

  1. Between 2001 and 2009, America had no legal government and is not responsible for the debts incurred by George “W” Bush, his 5 Supreme Court justices and his “kitchen cabinet” of Israeli masterminds.
  2. Everyone involved in that debacle, from those who helped put that putz into office to those who helped plan, execute or cover up 9/11 and the subsequent phony wars, belongs in prison.
  3. Time we admitted that this has been a dictatorship. President Obama himself will be the first to admit he has never really taken office.  The answer is simple.  Our constitutional government has not existed since 2001 in any manner, shape or form.

Doesn’t this seem a bit extreme?

Really? Extreme?  Murdering thousand of Americans is extreme.  Stealing many trillions of dollars is extreme.  Fighting wars for decades for no reason at all is extreme.

What is really extreme is the attempt to move American society back into the era of Dickens and the Robber Barons.  Are we going to be drinking milk made with chalk, flooding our streets with smoke and radiation, filling our water with poisons and hiring a million new police to beat the aging poor to death.

Starving and sick old people can be pesky and meddlesome.

If you don’t think we are going to have a generation, the one we call “baby boomers” moving into their later years in total poverty, you don’t know “dick” about economics and statistics.

The game is up.  Unless Obama is willing to go crazy, shut down Fox News, toss Limbaugh and Beck into “the pokie” and kick down some doors, alot of Americans are looking at a nightmarish existence right out of one of those “Left Behind” books except without the “rapture” part.

Hell is being brought home, right here in “River City.”

Congress has learned to love its privilege, it lives above the law, it eats money, it pays itself whatever it pleases and it passes legislation that makes it unanswerable and immune to the rules of man and nature.

What have they really done?  They have made themselves feudal nobility, little lords and ladies, ruling over the common folk, the slaves and serfs.

If we default on our debt, America will have to disarm, shut down its military, bring all its troops home, stop importing oil…

We will have to stop driving our cars, stop buying things from China, a nation that will collapse with us as will Western Europe.

The Republicans know all of this.  They believe Obama will chicken out and sacrifice the future of a generation.

Our only hope is that Obama will have the sense to see his place in history.  Bring it all down, jail them all.  They are nothing but criminals.

3 Responses to Only Mass Arrests Can Shut Down “Government By Corporate Dictatorship”

  • I read many of post and all of them miss the most disturbing facts, “WE THE PEOPLE” live in a republic with 3 branches legislative,executive, judicial, the founding fathers of this nation did this to help stop coruption in government. My point in order for the things to happen that have been going on it takes the whole system, the whole system is corrupt judges, congressmen, senators, president. “WE THE PEOPLE” are in deep trouble, and it is our ignorance that has allowed this to happen. We have put faith in people that are scoundrels, and using are ignorance to ruin the nation. All a politician needs to do is spit out a little rhetoric and the people are amazed, no the whole system is corrupt along with “WE THE PEOPLE” because we accept it with out a blimk of an eye.GOD BLESS AMERICA THOUGH OUR IGNORANCE WE HAVE LOST CONTROL OF OUR NATION.

  • “Republicans” don’t “control” the Supreme Court, Jesuits do.

    There are six Catholics on the court (6 of 9 or 66.6%) in a nation where they represent 23% of the population.

    Jewish representation amounts to two justices in a nation where they represent 1.7% of the population.

    Protestants, who make up 53% of the population, have exactly ONE justice of the Supreme Court. If you’re looking for a smoking gun that is NEVER talked about the mainstream press, here it is. It’s always about right vs left, dems vs repubs, on the mainstream news-opinion channels. You think O’Reilly or Hannity, two Catholic boys want to talk about the Jesuit takeover of America? Interesting that those two men, in perticular, have played a large role in defining what “conservatism” represents in this country, which is not what it once met, to be certain. That’s why Ron Paul is shunned, he represents classic-American protestant-conservatism.

    Catholics, by and large, vote democratic, therefore make no mistake that jesuit influence is even more influential on mainstream news-opinion channels that bend to the left, like MSNBC, whose chief news editor is “morning joe” scarabough, a good Catholic boy, who one will find @ wikipedia did, in fact, graduate from Pensacola Catholic High School. He hires ALL of the “talent” on MSNBC.

    Just who do you think is directing this left-right charade, if not FOX and MSNBC?

    The problem we have, in America, is that most Catholics, including those who work are in ardent opposition to the Luciferean, Vatican-led Jesuits otherwise popularly known as the “NWO”, will feel alienated and off-put by this message.

    That doesn’t change the fact that Protestants have not a tenth of the voice that Catholics have due to the innumerable Protestant sects that have broken-up any sense of common identity or purpose as “Protestants”. We are divided. There are countless “athiests” and “agnostics”, whose families are historically-Protestant as far back as the Protestant Reformation itself, who are utterly disconnected from their history, even though the remnants of their cultural identity were experienced through now-latent familial practices and shared beliefs.

    A large part of the motive behind the introduction of this “New Age” movement was to forever-break those often already-ruptured cultural ties (among the nation’s youth starting in the 60s and 70s) that bound them to a shared national history, a “history” that revolutionalized the world and forced the true criminal elite to wage a centuries-old battle to wrest those new found liberties from her clutches. In a cruel twist, we – as weak and servile subjects – now trade those hard-fought liberties back to the elite for so-called “security” when it is this elite criminal class who has created and manufactured the very “terror” from which we cower.

  • If the Gov.shuts down because of traitorous Fed. employees in prison, I am sure that they can find someone more honest to fill the slot

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