OIA Considers Dumping TSA Screeners

(WFTV)   ORLANDO, Fla. — Leaders at Orlando International Airport (OIA) could start taking steps to replace TSA screeners with a private company during a meeting Wednesday.WFTV has been following the uproar over the TSA’s controversial full body screens and intrusive pat downs.Orlando Sanford International Airport is already making the switch to a private screening company. It would bring about a huge change at OIA, but passengers might not even notice.Transportation Security Administration officials say the controversial full-body scanners are here to stay. They will be the primary security screening for “as many people as possible” by next year.”Pretty explicit but it didn’t bother us,” one traveler told WFTV of the body scanners.Those who refuse the screenings will get a full pat-down.Meanwhile, TSA screeners could be getting the boot at OIA. In a memo, the airport confirmed it is now considering hiring a private company to do the job just like the Sanford airport.Congressman John Mica is spurring the change across the country. He believes the new scanners are a symptom of sluggish bureaucracy and may not even be constitutional.”We’re shaking down old women, veterans, pilots crew and others,” Mica said.Even if security at OIA were privatized, little would change for passengers; they would still have to go through the same security measures.However, advocates believe customer service could improve, and the cost for airport security could also drop significantly.Even though TSA screeners would no longer be on the job, TSA officials would choose and pay the private company. Seventeen airports across the country have already made the switch to private screening companies.


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