Occupy L.A. Protester Says We Need A New Constitution


(RINGO’S PICTURES)   This young man stood along the side walk and explained to anyone who would listen that the US Constitution is old and needs to be replaced. Most everyone agreed…


4 Responses to Occupy L.A. Protester Says We Need A New Constitution

  • This is living proof that asshole children really need to have their punk butts kicked by people who have actually contributed to America and/or who have served in the military…

    If that snot was my kid and I saw him saying the crap that he said, I’d beat the hell out of him…Why?…well, let’s see….this punk has not contributed one iota of anything to benefit himself or the country and is nothing more than one of the “Gimmie Generation”…..and finally, would represent a personal insult to me as his father….

  • I forgot to mention that we had names for people like this in the Navy…We called them “PUKES”!

  • Hey Sparky,

    No one thinks that they’re the problem, but you’re already a violent and thoughtless bag of emotions, only programmed to hate in the direction of a fake patriotism instilled in you by propaganda. It is very healthy to disagree with this kid; in fact we don’tbdo enough disagreeing in this country. But your wanting to beat the hell out of another human being because he is not as good of a person as you are –well, isn’t that just what America needs to give a break?

    We are so violent, in fact programmed to be so. Now I am every bit as frustrated as you are, and even that punk kid is too. But there will always, always, always be disagreements on the most basic issues in this country. That is what living in a pluralistic country is. Right now I can be assured that I can turn Alex Jones’ website right now and there will be at least several articles there bashing the protesters in New York and other places. Why, because the sorta left leaning patriots disagree with Jones and the sorta right patriots. So even though we are all on the same side, we just bash each others brains out.

    Now here is the kicker. You assume this kid must be pure evil to dis the constitution, but I can promise you there are skilled patriotic professors who would agree with the kid, explaining how the condtitution has built in biases for aristocratic oligarch types. You do know the constitution validated slavery and a host of other outdated provisions that we eventually fixed. We also changed the condtitution at times for the worse, so we must not think this document is a holy scripture that can never be criticized. For instance, it hasnt protected us from money invading politics.

    Did you know Fox News is essentially an espionage outfit? Yeah, and they also agree with you on influcting violence on those that might burn the flag in protest, or, heaven forbid, want to fix our country on the structural level so we wouldn’t be ruled by murdering thugs.

    So instead of your first gut reaction being raw emotion and defensive posturing to protect only what propaganda has built, why not either:

    A. Educate this kid, or those like him. Or…
    B. hear him out, or thise who agree.

    But be grateful people like him are out in every city putting pressure for change. Because the real reason we are here is because we fell asleep at the wheel.

    Ps: i agree with you most likely over this kid, but I cant help but not see in your reaction the very essence of what we must remedy in ou national soul. We must stop thinking we are better than everyone, and we must using violence or even glamourizing violence when understanding is what we need.

    Hope I didnt annoy you too bad. Just a thought I had. I respect the uniform and I am sure the only way out of this mess is with dedicated veterans like yourself.

    Keep up the activism.


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