Obama’s Speech on His Invasion of Libya (Filled with Lies & Hubris)

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2 Responses to Obama’s Speech on His Invasion of Libya (Filled with Lies & Hubris)

  • Imagine that his speech is full of lies, the way I see it government is just one big lie and I wonder when will the nation wake up because the hour is getting late for this REPUBLIC. Think about the events leading this nation to 2011. First during the Clinton watch, glass steagall taken off the books. Then 9/11 happens, which any person that has a brain, would think that something just is not right here. Three building collapse due to fire into there footprint, this has never happen, EVER. one of the building not even hit by a plane, but it manages to collapse. And in that building is the CIA, gold, government records, all of it is destroyed are vanishes. In the ashes explosives have been found, but no black boxes are found, and this is still in court by the way. Then a plane hits the pentagon but there are no parts, body parts, to show a plane even hit it, the flim obtained of it does not even show a plane. Then we have another plane crash by pitts, to give more accountabilty to a story, that only a fool could believe. Again in this plane crash, no bodies, parts, just people telling us a plane crashed. This leads to 2 wars, then bush in 2005 changes the bankruptcy laws to hurt “WE THE PEOPLE” and help CORP. looks to me they new what was coming. The Wallstreet collapse, with the help of the GLASS STEAGALL act, being taken off the books, then due to bushes bankruptcy laws change, this crushed the people. Then government has 2 TARP funds, trickle down economics which has never worked are will it ever work due to greed, and who is greeder then wallstreet. Plus the people know that it went in the pockets of the ones that help the collapse, I guess government must reward the scoundrels for there help. Gas goes though the roof,oil companies make record provit, Government does nothing but help the problem grow ,by adding more government to and already unaffordable government. “WE THE PEOPLE” sit and say nothing allow this to go on and on to the point of collapse. Then Obama gets another war going, does anybody see what the heck is happening here in the good ole USA. FOLKS YOU ARE ALLOWING GOVERNMENT THOUGH DECIET RUIN YOUR NATION. AND ONLY A FOOL WOULD BELIEVE ANYTHING ELSE! And a GOVERNMENT shutdown please last time this happen it turned into a payed vaction for government, because they took it the supreme court the ones that are suppose to protect “WE THE PEOPLE” from goverment corruption . YES ONLY A FOOL WOULD BELIEVE THE THINGS BEING TOLD TO THEM BY GOVERNMENT, AND THAT SEEMS TO BE MOST OF THE NATION.

  • I’d expect nothing less from the “Chosen One”. . I used to think Richard Nixon could lie, but this guy has him beat hands down. .Heck he even makes Bill Clinton look honest!!

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