Obama’s Change: More Tyranny and Oppression

Presidential dog “Bo Obama

Obama’s Change: More Tyranny and Oppression

Nathan Janes

In January of 2009, as the American economy teetered on the brink of economic collapse, the most prominent story within the mainstream media, called “the greatest mystery since Watergate,” was the selection of the Obama family pet. With the election of Barak Obama, many Americans, relieved that “change” was on the way, focused their attention on such trivial matters as the Presidential dog rather than the state of continual economic decline within our country. This phenomenon came on the heels of a successful election campaign where Americans were sold the Obama brand through terrific marketing and public relations. Everyone was buying “hope” and “change” with not only their votes but with their time and energy. The Obama campaign recruited well over 2 million volunteers, a number unprecedented by any other election campaign within US history. Before Obama even won the election, he seemed to be assigned Messianic status, normally associated with royalty and totalitarian leaders. As part of his public relations campaign, celebrities openly pledged “service” to the Obama administration and asked Americans to also become “agents of change.”

Although Obama was to be the administrator of change, much of what his administration would bring would be more of the same. The democratic presidential elect was expected to reverse the assaults to the constitution that occurred over the previous eight years under the republican president. However, under the Obama Administration, warrantless wiretapping, secret arrests, indefinite detention of citizens, and the use of torture have all been expanded. The Obama administration effectively expanded the gains of tyranny and oppression achieved by the previous administration. Obama supported the Banker Bailout allowing bankers to make off with trillions in taxpayer’s money, bankrupting the future of our country for generations to come. His administration doled out taxpayers’ money to Wall Street, causing rampant inflation, a lowering of living standards and the destruction of the dollar. An engineered deconstruction of the economy is occurring; our manufacturing industry, civil liberties, and monetary foundations are all rapidly eroding. America has been reduced from an industrial economy to a service economy selling the goods of other nations.

Within his election campaign, Obama made a number of promises that would soon be broken. Among these, he pledged to end NAFTA and GATT but once in office expanded both. He promised to have the most transparent administration ever but instead many aspects of his presidency have been cloaked in secrecy. Obama’s first official act as president was to seal the release of his personal records with an executive order. He made the names of visitors to the White House private, protecting the identity of those who visit and may influence policy decisions. Obama, a constitutional lawyer, stated that he would not control congress with signing statements the way that his predecessor had. However, Obama has used signing statements on several occasions to manipulate legislation passed by Congress. Since his executive order imposing a two-year waiting period for lobbyists entering his administration, more than 40 ex-lobbyists have populated top jobs in the administration. Obama pledged to wait five days before signing bills passed by Congress to allow review by the public. Since Obama’s election, bills have been rushed through congress and voted on before anyone has an opportunity to read them. Congress was given less than an hour to read the revisions to the 1,070 page Stimulus Bill. Obama stated the Stimulus Bill was so urgent that it had to be passed before Congress could read it. The anti-war candidate in the 2008 election, Obama has extended the war and increased the number of troops involved while also expanding the defense budget. He promised to abolish the Patriot Act only to reinstate it while continuing the Bush administration’s policy of rendition, the arrest of any citizen labeled an “enemy combatant,” and the indefinite detention of citizens without any evidence of crime.

In 1787, at the close of the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked what type of government the Constitution was bringing into existence. Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” A republic, a form of government ruled by law, provides for the limitation of government and the protection of the rights of the people. Over the last 50 years, the government system of the US and several other countries has transformed into an oligarchy, rule by a small group of individuals who essentially obtain their power by buying it. Donors of the Obama campaign were a Who’s Who of multinational corporations, Wall Street interests, and banks. The influence that these high-level campaign contributors have on legislators and the president shapes the law of the country and the flow of taxpayers’ dollars. The powerful few shape the minds of the public through the use of covert public relations techniques disseminated by the mass media so that few citizens are aware of the role these individuals play in shaping the situation of us all.

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