Obama Announces Osama Bin Laden Is Dead, Threat Level Raised At Military Installations As Staged Media Spectacle Begins

(THE INTEL HUB)   CNN is reporting that the body has already been buried at sea! This is an absolute fraud!

It is clear that this is an absolute mocking bird operation!

Update: 9:52 pacific: Crowds are now gathering near the World Trade Center. It is absolutely crucial that people understand that this is a STAGED operation.

Update: 9:44pm pacific: Mike Rivero is reporting that his website was hacked moments before Obama announced that Osama had been killed.

Like I have stated multiple times, this is a staged spectacle!

The Mockingbird media is using mind control on the populous as we speak

People are not just outside of the White House at 12:00am with the media and security set up if this is was not a staged operation.

Update: 9: 26pm pacific: People are now scaling trees and waving American flags outside the White House at 12:30am on a Monday morning.

This is literally IMPOSSIBLE if this was not preplanned. These people are cheering like they are in at a sports game!

Update: 9:06pm pacific: CNN is now fear mongering over the possibility of Al Qaeda retaliating. This is a major distraction/psi op on the American people.

People are now gathering outside the White House as if they planned on being there. This is outright ridiculous!

The fact that hundreds of people have gathered outside the White House at 12:15am should be confirmation enough that this is a staged spectacle.


Osama Bin Laden Is Dead Report from The Intel Hub, Federal Jack and Bob Tuskin.

Update: 8:53pm pacific: Threat levels increased at Langley Air Force Base and Ft. Eustis.

Officials have increased security measures for Langley AFB and Ft. Eustis, taking the Force Protection level to Bravo.

People should expect traffic delays entering either installation as well as at some facilities.

Also unconfirmed video recorded earlier today.

Update: 8:46pm pacific: Rumors are running rampant on the internet that all military threat levels in the United States have been raised.

So far the only confirming information that has come in is that all Hawaii Army Installations have raised their alert level.

The threat level, known formally as the Force Protection Condition (FPCON), has been raised to the second level, “Bravo”, at all United States Army Garrison installations in Hawaii.

Update: 8:36pm pacific: Obama is now speaking, reminding us of the World Trade Center Attacks.

Update: 8:35pm pacific: A crowd is now gathering outside the White House to cheer this psi op in one of the most ridiculous displays in the history of the corporate media!

More on the situation as it develops.

The corporate media has reported that Osama Bin Laden has finally been killed.

This is one of the highest forms of mind control that the corporate media has ever participated in. Predictably Anwar Al Awlaki, the man who dined with top Pentagon officials, is now being set up as the #1 boogieman in the fraudulent war on terror.

Osama Bin Laden has been dead for at least five years!

CNN is reporting that Osama Bin Laden was killed in a mansion outside of Islamabad.

The greatest form of mind control is repetition as the corporate media chants Osama is dead Osama is dead!

Benazir Bhutto reported this many years ago!




7 Responses to Obama Announces Osama Bin Laden Is Dead, Threat Level Raised At Military Installations As Staged Media Spectacle Begins

  • The lives that were ruined and lost over one man.
    They could have easily send out a small special forces
    team to get him long ago even before he died.
    What a waste of life time and money.
    I hope we get to see the real perpetrators get their day in court
    and go to prison where they belong.

  • A persons opinion can not be argued without evidence, since government has gotten rid of all evidence that might prove are disprove that they actually killed Bin Laden by droping the body quickly into the sea, “WE THE PEOPLE” most believe what we are told, are be considered not a patriot. Same scenario as in the past , believe as we say are you are not a “True American”. Obama given credit for a choice, that in all truth would seem to a” True American” was easy for the man. Obama has not been a good president, proof look at the nation. Every action he and government has taken, seem to have but one plan, drive the nation into bankruptcy. The choice to go into Pakistan and break laws that could have bad repercuussion for the nation. I really do not feel this was ever worried about, if it does cause problems for the nation so be it, the end of the Republic will just be sooner then later. Or government sending in seals acting like mafia assasins, when the right choice if possible , to catch the man, bring him to trial and try and find the truth. But it would look to a “True American” that the truth worries our corrupt government. Show the world that america is a nation of good and fair people, instead government tainted the issue with thier actions. Now government is talking about it, kind of bragging , knowing full well it is not wise. Bin Laden though dead is still a danger to this nation, he has a loyal following that is still a threat to “WE THE PEOPLE” , government wanting to use this to benefit thier personal lifes and help to scare the people. Possibly to use again to take more rights and give them and excuse to make more government . Seem not to care, let the man rest in peace quit using the man for your benefit, shut up. My opinion they did not kill Bin Laden and the actions taken after, well would look to a “True American” that they where getting rid of all evidence quickly. No this is the same government that though actions have put this nation here, they can not be trusted.Another issue it happens to be in time with the birth certificate, this makes me think that is allso a lie , BIN LADEN to take the heat off the lie “JUST MY OPINION THOUGH, THATS COMING FROM A TRUE AMERICAN

  • POPEYE, you have got to be the world’s biggest idiot. I believe in quite a few conspiracies in cover-ups, but that the Bin Laden killing, or even the celebration resulting in the aftermath is staged is the biggest crock I’ve heard in a long time. I suppose all the thousands of people celebrating Bin Laden’s death around the country are all in on it. Man, you’ve got a paranoia problem for real.

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