NWO TECH: First X-47B unmanned stealth bomber flight


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  • Most of us probably cannot sustain in a breakdown of the current political means. We have a political ping-pong game going from Democrat to Republican, over and over. To understand my viewpoint, I say that we can vote: “Common Man” We cast votes. We contain the fallout. I think that once the vote is seen as the people wishing to elect a people candidate, and not one on the ballot..we can begin. A very good, and honest man or woman, and hosts of new elections putting honest people who can step up to the plate, might be an answer. We cannot leave traditions of our USA behind, without a dangerous revolution. We have law, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independance, the Constitution of the United States of America to APPLY. People actively applying law. The commoners have to be more and more pro-active, and demand policy that’s fair and enforable, and make certain enforcement is executed. A vote cast for any man not put on the ballot, is a good first step, for anyone. People govern here, in the USA. All we have, is the courage to do so. If we fail…the fallout means billions of dead people and concentration camps. I personally don’t wish it, and for my next generations. My generation is at fault, as the previous, as the previous. Complacency got us here. The rest of the globe helps us be complacent, as they probably wish our fall, or worst, an economic collapse. The work for each man and woman is to work hard, work together, and communicate a purpose. I know you are stating that, and then some. Please God Bless America, and let the outcome be His will, and we can oust the corrupt. A leader of men needs to show. Not a biblical “prophet” but a real person, who can lead in total truth. A George Washington, or an Abraham Licoln.

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