NJ Mom Pressured to Turn Over Her Guns & Charged With Terroristic Threats After Reading the Constitution at Tax Dispute Assembly

(THE BLAZE)   A New Jersey mother was arrested and told to turn over her guns after reading the Constitution and peacefully protesting at a tax dispute forum, she says.

Eileen Hart was with her husband Keith and her 7-year-old daughter on Saturday at the Gloucester Community Center to dispute a mandatory home re-evaluation that would roughly double her property value (and therefore dramatically increase her rates), objecting on multiple grounds.  As an Orthodox Jew, she refused to have the inspectors in her home when her husband was away at work.  As an American citizen, she objected to the seemingly arbitrary reappraisal, noting that she is not planning on selling her home and hasn’t renovated her kitchen in 30 years.

But at the forum, Hart was allegedly told that since she didn’t let the inspectors into her home, they had a right to “assume” its value under the New Jersey state constitution.


5 Responses to NJ Mom Pressured to Turn Over Her Guns & Charged With Terroristic Threats After Reading the Constitution at Tax Dispute Assembly

  • Welcome to the Hitler Nazi State… Thank you Governor Christi

  • Corruption and filth are now the new "norm" in America. Vice demanded tolerance from Virtue and it was granted; then vice demanded equal rights with virtue and it was granted; now vice demands that virtue be labeled vice and vice to be the new virtue.
    We now have "institutionalized" vice and corruption within our entire Federal and State Governments. Good men did nothing and now all will suffer extremely from the great Apostasy from God whereby man has now made his own god of his own self. We have reached this new height of insanity and evil – vice with their new gods demands that God Himself bow down to this new Satanic god – Homosexuality, Abortion, Pornography, Contraception, Divorce, Fraud, Theft, Drugs, Lies – welcome to the new Hedonistic-Satanic life of the average American – those not yet so inclined are either cowards who in time will succumb in their fear, or those who are brave enought to oppose this great evil – will pay the ultimate price with their lives. However – have hope for in the End virtue will win – God will intervene – but not before we pay a most severe and dear price for our Apostasy and cowardness.

  • boy jarheadusmc,you hit the nail on the head with that one,AND THE SAD THING IS,there not even going to see it coming either,same story every time too,history repeats its self over and over again,they always say the same thing too,WHO ME,I’AM JUST DOING MY JOB,THEN THE ROPE GOES AROUND THEIR NECK AND THEY START CRYING FOR MERCY THEY NEVER GAVE THEIR VICTIMS,…TREASON,is the norm in every police gang department in america,and there ain’t a cop in america who realizes the OATH he took wasn’t to the people ,no,it was to our FATHER IN HEAVEN,they lied to get their job,and look who it was they lied to,the big boss,now their really in trouble and to stupid to know it,every cop in america is on the blue list,and not one in a thousand know what it is………..

  • NOW I’AM REALLY AT A LOSS TO UNDERSTAND SOMETHING,the LORD SAID,evil will be given time to raise its head so all will be known,and so it has,THEN THE GREAT HARVEST WILL BEGIN,the wheat will be seperated from the teres,the teres will go into the trash pile to be burned and the wheat will be put in the barn,the trees that had bad fruit or no fruit at all will be cut down and become fire wood,I really wonder how many realize they are the teres spoken of, or the fruit trees with no fruit,or worse yet bad fruit,america is going to be a much smaller place after the lords done cleaning house,he said the government is rotten to the core from top to bottom,inside and out,and the churches are in the same condition,woe,woe,woe to mystery babylon the great,for it has fallen………………

  • OK,HERES A MESSAGE FROM THE LORD TO HIS PEOPLE……..1.START CALLING EACH OTHER EVERY DAY,…2.START GOING OVER EACH OTHERS HOUSE,BECOME FAMILIER WHERE EACH OTHER LIVE,….3.HAVE MEETINGS FOR THE PURPOSE OF ESCAPING ‘THE MARK OF THE BEAST’ AND ESCAPING ‘THE FEMA DEATH CAMPS’,..thats it short and sweet,and I think you need to start doing this right away,he says your out of time…….oh,be off the coast by april 15th,somethings going to happen,and you don’t want to be there when it does………..

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