New Constitution Amendments for the New Republic, these Amendments must be added to the Bill of Rights

Author: Silence DoGood

With the secession petition movement at gaining more ground everyday, there will likely be a new Federal Government to represent the states, a new continental Congress, and a new Constitution The only problem with the old Constitution is that it is missing some more Amendments to deal with the new modern form of tyranny that wasn’t back  during the time of Great Britain so the founding fathers didn’t protect the public against the new modern 1913-2012 tyrannies that every American faces now with the Federal Government.

So here are some Constitutional Amendments that the General public can debate about that I put in this article. You can agree or disagree with any of these in the comment board below on FederalJack or wherever the article has been syndicated to. You can even propose it at the new Constitutional convention after the state secession has been completed and a new national capitol has been designated.

It is not treason to debate about reforming the broken Federal Government that only represents the Corporate New World Order. It is only treason to betray the US and go to war with it or even adhering to it’s enemies. If the public of the US feels that the Federal Government has failed in it’s duties and is trying to destroy the very country it’s founded upon, then the public has a right to peacefully organize and demand a new government or in other words a REFORM of the Federal Government whether the tyrants rant about it or not. The Declaration of Independence talked about government taking away our liberties

This article will put what new Amendments need to be added to the future Constitution and Bill of Rights. These are real Amendments drafted by somebody I know whom has been studying law and has ran an alternative media website for years alongside FederalJack and Infowars but had to shut down his website due to political corruption falling upon him. That is why these Constitutional Amendments need heavy debate and consideration.

Term Limits:

Congress and the Senate shall have a one term limit to serve office. A term limit is necessary for the security and representation of the people. Campaigning beyond just one term in some cases have led to bullying and police harassing anyone whom criticizes their representative which in most cases leads to lack of representation in government thus the confidence in government goes low while rebelling against authority goes up. A Senator shall have only a one six-year term and a Representative shall only have four years within the Congress.

Updated 11:26PM – Smaller Districts and Real Representation:

In order to maintain and keep real representation all districts must remain small. Each Representative district must only encompass 30,000 people. In other words each representative will represent only roughly 30,000 people per district to keep the districts small. In order to comply with this Amendment more representatives must be seated in the House of Representatives in order to make representation more easy and not a hassle with the increase in the human population. Also the amount of Senators must be increased to three per state to increase the amount of Senators to 150 to represent the 50 states and yet still be lower then the House of Representative as with the traditional form of this government.

Recall Elections:

In the event where a Representative and Senator has not preformed satisfactory in their duties, in the event where the Constituents feel a lack of representation, that the people of their Congressional Districts shall have the inalienable right to request a emergency or recall elections at any time that certain qualifications are met. Those qualifications in this amendment are met when only a Constituent of their district puts in a request for a recall petition, that the petition gathers at least 750 valid signatures of only Constituents residing within the same district as where the petition was requested, and that the Constituent be a citizen of the United States. The validity of the petition signatures will be determined by the elections public servants. That signature count shall not take more then two weeks and shall be speedy. That when the petition has received the total or more then the required signature count, that within two weeks shall voting polls be opened up within the county polling places within the district, that if more votes goes to the opponent of the sitting Representative or Senator that the opponent shall immediately hold that district’s office without delay, that the Representative or Senator that was elected through recall elections serve that district for the remaining of the term. If the recalled politician is reelected then that representative or Senator shall stay for the remainder of his/her term.

The US President can also be recalled but under different standards. Americans have a right and duty to recall elections especially with election fraud being evident. The standards are as follows:

1. The person requesting a recall of Presidential elections must request a petition form for this very process as what is determined by law.

2. The person requesting the petition and the petition signers must all be verified US Citizens and has lived in the United States for at least 2 years minimum.

3. The petitioner must find a citizen in each state to be a liaison for managing and being responsible for gathering petition signatures within his/her respected state.

4. The state Board of Elections will be responsible for verifying the petition signatures for authenticity and accuracy.

5. One-fourth of each states population is the amount of signatures needed for a recall election for the office of US President.

6. Petition signatures must be counted and verified within in one month or earlier.

7. Once signatures have been verified then all political parties shall be notified and be given 1 extra month to follow the rules for getting on the Presidential ballot. Ballot rules shall be different in recall elections then with the November general elections as the amount of time needed to get on the state ballots would be difficult within one month but the time limits are necessary to prevent the elections boards from stalling the petitions to keep the recalled President in office even when the procedures were done properly.

Penalty for passage of laws in violation of the Constitution:

Congress shall work within the framework of this Constitution. This Amendment however does not apply to a Constitutional convention where any Amendment can be changed through it’s usual process. The penalty for Congress, the Executive Branch, or even the Judicial Branch passing a law, setting new precedent for case law, or even creating an executive order that violates the Constitution is a lighter form of High Treason. The penalty will be carried out by forced recall elections with no right to reelection. That politician will be fired of the duty and job immediately.

Health Freedom:

Congress shall not pass any law or treaty that shall regulate, prohibit, penalize, and even imprison somebody for what the individual and their medical professional decides is best for their health, whether drugs or herbs, whether using machines or even old fashion equipment. The right of individual health shall remain within the individual. The government is prohibited from passing a law or even a mandate to force a individual to take medications, go through surgeries, or even insurance. Each person has a right to their health choices in a free society, in a liberty based government.

Food Freedom:

The persons right to grow their own food within their own property is a right of the people. No law shall be passed that will penalize or completely ban gardens and food production facilities on residential or even commercial land.

State Nullification of Federal Law:

If a single state’s citizens disagree with a Federal Law then their legislatures are permitted within this Constitution to nullify a Federal law. The legislature shall pass a resolution into state law that declares a federal law in it’s entirety or a portion of it to be nullified by the state. Federal Government is about representing the states yet regulating interstate commerce but was not created to regulate the states since each state already has a legislature, and local and county laws to protect the rights of the people. However no state law nor it’s Constitution shall overwrite the US Constitution.

Presidential Term Limits:

The President and Vice President of the United States shall only have a one term limit which is four years. The president will worry more about doing the job instead of worrying over the election results and trying to win for campaigns.

Jury Nullification:

If a jury believes that enforcement of a particular law is an injustice within the court against the individual, that the jury have the right to overturn the case by nullifying the charges. Jury Nullification is another watchdog within the judicial community to ensure that all Federal Courts do the right thing and never imprison somebody over a law meant for a purpose different then what the authorities are enforcing the law for. The defendant in court has the right to explain to the jury and give documentation as to why a request has been made for jury nullification. Jury nullification however does not nullify a law entirely but gives somebody a warning then a second chance for a crime. Jury Nullification can also be used to overturn a case where the person is punished in court for simple civil disobedience or even for unknowingly violating a law as no human being can remember every law including lawyers since there are different lawyers for different types and subjects of law. Laws that are passed with the purest intentions are not always used for the right reasons so jury nullification is the best remedy for these circumstances. However the Jury has the power to require certain conditions upon nullifying the charges against the defendant, when the conditions are met the charges are dropped and can never be pursued again for that particular case. When the conditions are not met another trial can begin for sentencing the individual for the crime committed. Conditioned Jury Nullification is the best alternative to a executive pardon since only the sentence under a pardon can be dropped and criminal record is created and made public and usually difficult to expunge especially when charged with certain type crimes even expungement and pardons may not legally work out. Also Jury Nullification nullifies any need for police to create a criminal record for the crimes that the Jury forgiven the defendant for. Example of usage of this system is that somebody breaks a law due to a unhealthy addiction or psychological problem. The court usually imprisons the person never giving that person any help for the mental illnesses that may have contributed to the crime being committed. The Jury can condition somebody to seek psychological help with a review by the court then when the court order has been fulfilled then the court case is dropped and no criminal records shall be filed on the individual or in some cases can be destroyed as what is prescribed by law to meet with this amendment.

Fair Use Doctrine:

It is not a criminal act nor a civil violation to use copyrighted material in a way that is compliant with the Fair Use Doctrine. When the rights under Fair Use Doctrine is violated by the copyright holder or holders then they shall be held liable for court fees, sanctions, emotional damages, and for any loss of employment as a result of the lawsuit or criminal case over a Fair Use protected activities.

(Fair Use Doctrine should be copied here, right from the Fair Use doctrine already under law but is harder to eliminate using treaties and contradictory laws)

Copyright is important to protect peoples works and allows credit to be given to the true inventors of art and other creative works. However copyright must never be used to penalize the news media, schools and educational institutions including universities, satirical and parody pieces, criticizing somebody using their work as a source to criticize, documentary filmmakers, and even protesters using copyrighted images or symbols for social justice. Copyright was never meant to target bloggers as they are also the new opinion editorials and news media. Courts shall never rule that bloggers are not protected Free Speech and Freedom of Press. Penalizing bloggers will eventually be used to penalize the press for copyright infringement since many news media outlets reporters now have blogs on their main news organization websites.

Human Rights:

Anybody whom is mistreated by a public servant or peace officer, with no reasonable justification for the forceful actions that the officer takes, shall be liable for medical damages, and emotional abuse damages depending on if the officers actions had actually caused emotional and psychological harm. The judicial branch will prescribe under case law for what constitutes emotional abuses by any peace officers actions.

Limitations in Executive Orders:

The President shall only use Executive Orders out of what is prescribed by law, what is authorized under the Constitution, and what is acceptable by the court. A president cannot sign executive orders as a way to work around Congress or even the Judicial Branch. Any such action will be deemed as a misdemeanor and low level High Treason crime and the President will have to leave office and a recall election shall be held throughout all 50 states to pick the next President for the remainder of the term. The President does not have the power to write laws nor make mandates that the people have to obey except what has been prescribed by Congress, the Constitution, and by law.

Going to War against the countries own people:

It shall be unlawful for the President and even the Congress to engage in a offensive war against the countries own citizens during times of peace. Any American that peacefully assembles, any law abiding citizen, any citizen that lawfully has an opinion or even works politically against the government in a non treasonous way shall not be subject to a war zone. In the event the President goes to war against his own people, the president must be arrested for war crimes. When the Congress turns on their Constituents by creating a war bill to suppress the American people, such action will be viewed as a war crime and any Representative and Senator that voted to kill their Constituents using a war bill shall be executed by death penalty for committing a war crime or being an accessory for a war criminal.

So there you have it to solve all of Americans problems with the police and with the law I created all these Amendments now go ahead and start debating about which Amendments you believe should be added into the next American Constitution after the secession movement and a new Federal Government is made with even more checks and balances to ensure it doesn’t become corrupt again like it was last time.

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