NBC Blocks Footage of Flight 93 Crash on 09/11/2001












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  • Check your date guys 09/11/2012?

  • Please would you send me the video clip (or upload it to a place from where I could download it) so I can stream it directly from my website (click on my name). Unlike youtube, I don’t give in to demands that I give up my right to ‘fair use’. I will display it above the youtube clip shown here. Also following the clip of a drunken Donald Rumsfeld at Bagram, Iraq on Christmas Eve 2004, talking about "the people who shot down the plane over Pennsylvania" which I stream directly rather than rely on youtube.

    This is why youtube was created in the first place. Before youtube people used to collect and share the actual video files. After youtube, the Blue Meanies get to censor everything. I used to be able to capture streaming video from youtube but now they’ve blocked that somehow.

  • what is the concern – it is pretty well accepted this plane was broought down by Iranians – case closed – nothing more to see here. Trust MSM – life is so much simpler.

  • Sorry bud–reason it got yank was–whole story was bullsh!t NO FKN PLANE. Size of a phone book?
    If you think a missile could blow up huge engines into Phone books sizes–I got ocean front properties cheap in Death Valley. There was no plane.Some Zoinists flew over the area and dropped some scrap plane parts. Ask yourself–how come none of the parts collected are to be found or kept as other accidents are for years in hangers?
    FYI: All the supposed hijack planes by MOSSAD were re-routed to Canada and the bodies sent to rendering plants for dog food :^(

  • I saw the original "live" CNN broadcast of the 2nd plane hitting the tower.
    The nose of the plane continued out the other side of the building!! CGI???
    If anyone has this clip please show it to the world.

  • Just use your common sence, no way could a jet crash with no big pieces. It’s never happened before, there’s always big pieces all over – just like no buildings have ever collapsed at freefall speed like they claim happened at wtc 7. Doesn’t matter if the plane was shot down or just crashed – there would be big pieces all over the place. Think about it – The "no debris bigger than a phone book" is impossible.

  • ATTN: Lokis @ 10:35 am


    You are mistaken. They were Syrians impersonating Iranians. Get your disinformation straight will yah!

  • Flight 93 was supposed to crash into WTC7 but the pilot regained partial control of the aircraft.
    The real terrorists weren’t about to let it land anywhere and have the remote control equipment be discovered so it was shot down.

  • Flight 93 Debris Scattered Over a Four Mile Radius, No Pieces Larger than a Phonebook
    Jct: Great job on the NBC 911 video on youtube blocked by NBC! Why? It contradicts the story that the plane ended up in the hole if it ended up over a 4-mile radius.

  • ….The nose of the plane continued out the other side of the building!! CGI??? No way in hell could an aircraft nose go through both sides of a building…you think they’re made of steel? Only hardened steel could do that, and the only thing of that nature would be the engine(s).

  • question:

    If You Tube blocked the video then how were you able to view it?

  • Because I uploaded it so it becomes view-able to only me.

  • Simply the headline, 4 mile radius, is suspect. Major Rick Gilbey, flying an F16 out of Langley, Va shot the plane down. He used compassion to clip off the tail and the plane broke apart over 8 miles. The tail section landed first and then there was an 8 mile debris field.

    Major Gilbey was awarded a medal for his bravery that day. When video of the medal ceremony leaked out, they said he was awarded the medal for flying to Indiana and picking up a political big wig that day and flying him to Washington, DC. Only problem with that explanation is that Rick’s F16 was a single seater.

    I was communicating, on that day in real time with an Marine air traffic controller via instant message. He told me that the USAF shot down an airliner outside of Pittsburg, PA as soon as the news broke. It took a while for the Main Stream Media to process this info, because this is one part that was not scripted. The plane was headed for NYC and WTC7.

    They had to spin the story, saying it was headed or the White House and then they had to blow up the WTC7 that afternoon after it was not hit by anything. CNN and BBC announced the implosion, collapse and reason for the collapse over 20 minutes before the building actually was blown up. As they announced it, you could clearly see the building on a live shot over the anchorman’s shoulder. After the blunder, someone pulled the plug on the satellite feed, so the people would not see the collapse live as it occurred.

    When questioned about this miracle both networks claimed they lost the tapes and could not review it. The BBC anchor said he could not remember if he had actually worked on that particular day.

  • Do You know? Between the year 1962 and 1982
    the military of the USA, France and Great Britain
    conducted many nuclear tests in the pacific area.
    Many people died in following of these processes.

    Could it be that the terror attacks were acts of

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