NATO & Rebel War Crimes in Sirte, Libya (WARNING GRAPHIC FOOTAGE)

14 Responses to NATO & Rebel War Crimes in Sirte, Libya (WARNING GRAPHIC FOOTAGE)

  • My prayer is, God, judge this evil nation(United States), and bring it down into the depts of hell for all the murder’s and evil atrocities against the innocent.

  • Almost all Americans live in an isolation boothe regarding news of NATO’s actions in Libya.

    Show this video to them.

  • This is a terrible! Who is next. In the view of the NATO troops concentrating in Baltic I’m afraid this would be us.

  • Obunga, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Samantha Power all should be help for war crimes with all of the destruction and the thousands upon thousands of killings that happened in Libya. And for letting terrorists be the new installed government of Libya.

  • You people are utterly, f’n stupid if you believe NATO is the United States. Do you even know what the f’n acronym stands for? NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION…as in EUROPEAN countries…we have a limited role in this fiasco because we are practically f’n broke from bailing your a$$e$ out over the ages. You all can take a running start to take a flying fuqq at a rolling donut on a gravel driveway you limp-wristed, knee-jerk liberal fuqqs…

  • @ Gunner – The U.S. funds 60% of NATO with supplies, troops, money, bombs and more. I suggest you do your homework before commenting so you don’t look ignorant. Although judging from your typing skills I see you are a public school graduate. And nobody here got bailed out you asshole, only the banks got bailed out. either you are really ignorant or you are a government funded troll.

  • …@Popeye…not talking “bailing” as in funds dip$shit, as in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm/Shield, etc….troll? The only troll is your mom as evidenced by your witty, yet off-topic comeback ya rah-tard.

  • @Popeye, your numbers are WAYYYY off, go figure…you must be a liberal just pulling numbers out of your A$$…
    The United States contributes between one-fifth and one-quarter of NATO’s budget. In FY2010 that contribution totaled $711.8 million.

    After the U.S., the largest contributors to NATO’s military budget are Germany (16.6 percent); France (12.4 percent); United Kingdom (12 percent); Italy (7.8 percent); Canada (5 percent); Spain (4.2 percent); Netherlands (3.3 percent); Belgium (2.6 percent); Poland (2.3 percent); Turkey (1.8 percent); Denmark (1.7 percent); and Norway (1.6 percent). Fifteen countries make up the remaining 5.8 percent.

  • Actually you jerkoff I am a Veteran of two wars and far from being any label you want to try and put on me. Do you know how much we spent in Libya so far? Over 2 billion dollars. All the cruise missiles are American made, the Apache helicopters are American made. The American Air Force supports all of the other countries planes at the NATO bases world wide. Who does all of the in-flight refueling… that’s right, the U.S. Air Force. Before you quote some random government numbers I suggest you actually verify who does what. Furthermore NATO was formed to protect Europe against the Soviets…. we do not need NATO anymore or anymore wars. If you want more war go ahead and fund/fight it yourself. The “rebels” are being lead by hardcore al-Qaeda fighters that killed U.S. soldiers and Marines but don’t pay attention to that right… Keep drinking the kool-aide.

  • Popeye, I am glad you chimed in here.
    You never did answer why you removed the Link’s OR what happened to the ORIGINAL HTML files at The Main file is far more SICK this this STUPID video is.

    Taking a ROD and shoving it through the “Nut’s” of a little boy and through his Groin/Anus all the way through his body and out his Shoulder to me is far more SICK then seeing something I would see when I respond to a traffic crash when a Window slices a kid up.

    I might add, That a Front Bumper of a raised 68 Ford Truck did more damage to the occupant’s of a vehicle and threw blood across their grand-kids as if someone had cleaned out a Paint Brush on them. War maybe a different view, But to take a scene in a controlled room where a Child is Strapped to a table and to inflict horror on him as in the above Child.html to me is like the Arizona Sheriff that calls ALL those who took part as Accomplices.

    They should all HANG.


  • The original server it was on got attacked by the IDF. So we rebuilt it. It has been up for a while. And all the videos and more are on a page right here on FJ. On the right side of the site look for the widget that says NATO & Al Qaeda War Crimes In Libya and click on it.

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