MSNBC Hit Piece Smears Tea Party As Neo-Nazis

(PRISON PLANET)   An MSNBC hit piece set to air next week attempts to smear Tea Party activists and average Americans concerned about how the financial crisis is being exploited as neo-nazi Hitler supporters who want to go on killing sprees, highlighting once again the corporate media’s desperation to eviscerate the popularity of anti-establishment political candidates in the run up to the November elections.

“The Rise of the New Right” is an MSNBC special presented by Chris Matthews that will air on June 16 at 7 p.m. ET. We obtained a draft transcript of the show from a concerned member of MSNBC’s staff which reveals how Matthews and the producers of the show have callously gone back on their word that the program would not be an incendiary attempt to characterize critics of the Obama administration as dangerous lunatics who should have their free speech shut down, which is exactly what it does.

Underscoring the deceitfulness of Matthews and the MSNBC production team behind the show, when they first approached Alex Jones to be included in the program, they promised that it would merely be a biographical account of the development of the Tea Party movement, and that nothing about anti-Semitism, white supremacists or neo-nazis would be mentioned.

As it turns out, almost from beginning to end the entire show is an exercise in race-baiting and regurgitating the same tired old cliches about how anyone who opposes big government is a closet racist and a dangerous extremist who wants to kill gays and Jewish people.

The desperation to smear anyone who expresses consternation about the government’s approach to the financial crisis and the national debt as a neo-nazi is embarrassingly evident when Matthews trots out some obscure radio host from the 1930’s named “Father Coughlin” who supported Adolf Hitler as a means to combat an international conspiracy run by global bankers.

What Matthews fails to mention is the fact the one of Hitler’s most enthusiastic supporters in the 1930’s, Henry Ford, later went on to become the founding father of the Ford Foundation, which now bankrolls its offshoot political organizations to demonize anyone who believes in a new world order run by international bankers as an anti-Semite racist. You can’t have it both ways, Matthews.

The fact that someone who supported Hitler 80 years ago also believed in an international banking conspiracy apparently means that anyone today who is concerned about the actions of banking giants like Goldman Sachs or the trustworthiness of international banking elites in responsibly handling the economic crisis is also a fervent Nazi who wants to kill Jews, according to MSNBC’s dementedly warped logic.

It is not surprising that Chris Matthews throws around the “dangerous right winger” label as often as he does, given that he admits he analyzes politics “from a Marxist perspective” and that his idol is Communist ideologue Saul Alinsky. If you chart Matthews on the political scale, virtually everyone resides to the right of his views, simply because they are not hardcore Communists.

Indeed, Matthews routinely urges his viewers to believe that anyone who is skeptical of, or expresses disdain toward, anything the government does is psychologically insane.

Further into the show during snippets of the interview MSNBC conducted with Alex Jones, Southern Poverty Law Center stooge Mark Potok, who makes a living out of demonizing grass roots political activists as dangerous neo-nazis, brazenly suggests that people who listen to Alex Jones want to go on mass killing sprees.

“These tales that come out Alex Jones’ websites – are stories that identify real enemies, the government, law enforcement. There are a whole set of evil agents out there,” snarls Potok. “And though I don’t expect to see Alex Jones taking a shot at them any time soon, there are people out there who are perfectly willing to do exactly that.”

The smear falls into a similar context as how the corporate media and establishment liberal websites attempted to claim that Pittsburgh cop killer Richard Poplawski was influenced to commit his rampage as a result of listening to Alex Jones, despite the fact that Poplawski publicly made it clear that he disliked Jones’ peaceful message. In addition, the incident arose from a domestic dispute concerning Poplawski’s mother calling police because her son’s dog had urinated on the floor, and not as a consequence of some politically extremist-fueled massacre, as the establishment media tried to spin it. Matthews cites the Poplawski incident in the show as an example of how anti-government nuts are dangerous to law enforcement, mischaracterizing entirely the fact that it had nothing to do with politics.

Once it became clear that Poplawski had in fact left comments attacking Alex Jones, some media outlets were forced to issue retractions, but organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center still parrot the debunked hoax to this day.

Corporate networks like MSNBC are still bumbling around under the delusion that they actually have any credibility left, and still think they can bring down grass roots political movements by hurling broken-record insults that the majority of Americans stopped listening to ten years ago.

Chris Matthews’ Hardball show is hemorrhaging viewers left, right and center as the establishment withers and dies and people flock to independent media to get the real story. The ratings for Matthews’ show are in terminal decline, with just 88,000 viewers watching the show as of the end of last year. 88,000 is a pathetic figure – some of our 10 minute You Tube clips get more viewers than that.

The establishment press anoints itself as some kind of trusted guardian of the safe and serene status quo and a bulwark against dangerous political extremists intent on violence and bloodshed. In reality, the corporate media, and particularly MSNBC, which is owned by General Electric, a military-industrial complex giant that makes obscene profits from developing weapons that kill millions of innocent people around the world, routinely promotes the most barbaric lies and propaganda which directly lead to violence on a mass scale.

It was corporate media outlets like MSNBC who sold the lie of weapons of mass destruction that led to the slaughter of over a million Iraqis.

It was corporate media outlets like MSNBC who sold Americans on the acceptance of torture, leading to the Abu Ghraib abuse scandal and similar black sites all over the world that still exist in which innocent men, women and children are brutalized on a daily basis.

So it’s a little rich when the corporate media and MSNBC point their finger at grass roots political activists and average Americans who are merely concerned about the size of government and the financial raping to which they are being subjected, and demonize them as violent and racist extremists when all the rhetoric about racism and violence is coming purely from contrived and biased hit pieces like MSNBC’s “The Rise of the Right”.

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