Mother furious after police held daughters at gunpoint

(WSVN)    A South Florida mother wants answers from a police department after they held her daughters at gunpoint.

Kleveta Price is an angry mother on a mission who wants answers from the Pembroke Pines Police Department.

The incident in question occurred just before 9 p.m. Thursday, when heavily armed officers responded to a call about a burglary at Price’s Pembroke Pines home. “I kept saying, ‘I live here, I live here,’ and he kept saying, ‘Get on the ground,’ and I was like, OK, he might shoot me, so we both got on the ground,” said Kaitlyn Snow.

Twelve-year-old Tenisha Snow and 17-year-old Kaitlyn were terrified after officers held them at gunpoint long after police knew they were no threat. Price feels her daughters’ rights were violated. “My girls were unarmed, they were in their own home, and I just feel their rights were violated,” she said.

Price said she had just left her home to get new door locks, when someone thought the empty home had been broken into. “They should have backed off once they saw there was a 12-year-old and a 17-year-old in the home. The gun should have been unarmed and the gun should have been put away,” said Price.

Price’s 12-year-old daughter said she screamed and pointed to the back porch when she saw the officers. “He was dressed in all black, and I didn’t know who it was, and he had a really big gun, and I was scared,” said Snow.

Price understands that the officers were called out on a burglary call, but said they should have put the guns away. “If there is a burglary in progress, I’m all for it. However, after my daughter explained to the officers that they live there, and until I showed up, they withdrew their guns,” she said.

“Now I’m scared of police officers,” said Snow.

A public information officer of Pembroke Pines Police said, “When officers have reasons to believe there may be a burglary in progress, they must respond as if it is a genuine burglary. As to the homeowner’s complaint, that will be the subject of an internal investigation, and therefore, I cannot comment.”

Price said she will insist for answers until she gets a proper apology from the police department.

4 Responses to Mother furious after police held daughters at gunpoint

  • The Rise of the Police State!

    Welcome to Nazi America.
    Soon you too will need Papers to drive from town to town, Enjoy the Portable Back-Scatter Scanning Radar devices (A Ploy) to see Who has Gun’s so the Government can take them.

    Then the Mobile Back-Scatter Unit’s that drive your Neighborhoods and can tell where who is where in the Home, How many, Any Weapons, any stored food and Ammo. This while the New DRONES are being deployed all over the Towns of America said to be looking for all them Domestic CELLS of Terrorist’s (If you bought that?) I have Land up near the dome of St. Helen’s Volcano or on this beautiful scenic area of Yellowstone park that I promise won’t erupt for 680,000 more years. FOOL’S!!!

    I am waiting for the TSA to change their Uniforms to the NAZI ones. Empowered by the DHS and soon the Obama Stormtroopers will be in a City near you.

    There are videos Available of the Boy Scouts joining this Nazi buildup. Frankly, I don’t see how a 15 year old with a AK47 is going to KNOW or even CARE about Your RIGHTS?

  • Man! You sure got that right!

  • Wow I love how you just had to have obama in there when it was Bush that started 2 wars and gave us the most civil right restrictive piece of crap…the patriot act.


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