Mossad/CIA murdered U.S. troops in Iraq

(FEDERALJACK)  Back in 2006 a story made its rounds through the internet and the worlds media that Israel snipers were killing U.S. Troops in Iraq and pinning the blame on “insurgents” in order to enrage American troops so that the slaughter continued.  After a thorough investigation into this older story there is more than enough evidence to point to the fact that Mossad (with the CIA) is operating inside Iraq and has been for years.  I used the original material and new updated info that has come out that proves what it says is true.  I rewrote the article and sourced it with links to click on and see the original article that backs up each claim or a video showing evidence backing up each claim.  My hope is that more people will see this larger, better sourced article and take this more serious than they did the original back in 2006.  On October 18, 2006 Anderson Cooper of CNN showed a video of snipers killing U.S. troops in Iraq.  CNN says it obtained the video from a “representative” of an unnamed “insurgent leader.”  Bear in mind that Anderson Cooper used to work for the CIA.  Interesting side note, If you go to Anderson Coopers “blog” and look at Anderson Cooper’s Archives you will see that there is a huge missing gap of video from December 2005 – January 2008.  That is two years of missing video reports.  Interesting that it happens to be the same time this report aired and the same time that the sectarian violence in Iraq was raging and attacks by “insurgents” on our troops increased in number and brutality.

Screen shot of Anderson Cooper’s “blog” (01/22/2011)

Close up of the missing archives on Anderson Cooper’s “blog” (01/22/2011)

And remember special forces have been caught pretending to be Arab insurgents running around shooting people in Iraq.

Richard Wilson’s hypothesis: Israeli soldiers and/or Mossad/CIA agents are killing our soldiers in Iraq in order to enrage American troops so that the slaughter continues.

At the very beginning of the original (now missing) video clip, you see a rifle with a video camera attached to it.  This weapon is made by the Rafael company, an Israeli arms manufacturer, that also makes IEDs.  If you watch the video all the way through, it explains how this rifle works.  CNN stated that the camera used to film these shootings was not a mounted rifle camera.  But as you watch the video, you see that with each shot fired, the camera recoils.  That would only happen if it were mounted on the rifle.  Why is this significant?  Because this kind of rifle-camera is extremely sophisticated and not available to your average Iraqi insurgent.  Something this sophisticated points to CIA/Mossad.

The CIA/Mossad are masters at false flag operations, e.g.,  The Oklahoma City bombing, the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen, the bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, the July 7, the 9/11 attacks in New York & Washington D.C., the assassination of the Prime Minister in Beirut, the bombing of the Hassan al-Askari Mosque in Samarra, Iraq, etc.

Mossad & CIA Agents freely move among US and UK troops in Iraq, and have access to top-level US intelligence. Until July 2003, the head of all US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan was General Tommy Franks, a Zionist NWO lapdog.  He was on the board of directors for Bank of America, a position he held until resigning on June 11, 2009 for unspecified reasons but as part of an “exodus” of ten directors from April to August, 2009.  On November 7, 2006 another NWO stooge with Zionist beliefs became a principle liaison between Mossad and US forces in Iraq: Major General Richard F. Natonski of the Marine Corps.   His title was Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies and Operations.

Because of this access, the “insurgents” (i.e., CIA/Mossad agents) know exactly where US vehicles will be and who will be inside them.  This allows them to target for maximum false flag effect.

For example, on July 23, 2005, a detachment of 19 female US Marines was sent to Fallujah to check Iraqi women for bombs.  An IED blew up their truck.  Two of the young American women were killed, five were critically wounded, and four were captured.  The bodies of the four captured women turned up later in a garbage dump with their throats cut.  Americans were outraged.  Islamic clerics insisted that only Israelis could be so cold-blooded. And who was in charge of US forces in Fallujah at the time?  None other than Major General Natonski, the Mossad liaison.

Americans are supposed to believe that rag-tag “insurgents” use IEDs powerful enough to kill three US troops per day, on average and flip over up-armored vehicles.  An American soldier even set up a blog on how “Intel” is betraying and targeting US troops.   The blog has long since been taken down, one can only assume by the Pentagon.

According to Richard Wilson, Israeli sniping and IEDs are false flag operations.  He says that on March 28, 2005, Americans arrested  Mossad agents who fired twice on a US Marine checkpoint.  And indeed In 2005 U.S. Marines arrested 16 members of the Zapata Engineering Security Convoy for firing on Marine guard towers. The Marines beat up the Mossad agents and tore off their Star-of-David necklaces. (The US media incorrectly said the agents were Americans.)  The Mossad agents said they were employees of Zapata Engineering, which is a CIA/Mossad front company that conducts interrogations, and also manages US ammo dumps and US motor pools in Iraq.

IEDs in Iraq are powerful enough to flip over a 70-ton tank.  Some of the models shoot depleted-uranium projectiles, and are triggered by electronic devices surreptitiously planted on US armored vehicles.  Zapata Engineering (which employs CIA & Mossad agents) makes this exact kind of trigger, and oversees some of the US motor pools.

Rumsfeld said the IEDs come from Iran, but Richard said they come from The CIA/Mossad, and are not “improvised” at all.  The Israeli company, Rafael, makes IEDS, which are buried in the middle of a road.  On the side of  the road is a device which emits a laser or radio signal.  This device is manufactured by firms like Zapata Engineering, which is controlled by Zionists/Neo-cons.  The IED mine, manufactured by Israel, is inert until a US vehicle (secretly planted with a triggering device) rolls over it.

Whenever The CIA/Mossad carry out these false-flag operations they produce a videotape or a recording from an “unnamed source” that is “close to al-Qaeda.”  Sometimes they say “the claim was posted on an Internet website, but its authenticity could not be verified.”  These videos have been widely proven to be false and the CIA has even admitted that they faked Bin-Laden and Saddam Hussein videos.

We know the CIA is evil but Israel is our ally and would never kill any of our soldiers, sailors, or marines in cold blood, would they? After all, the USS Liberty massacre was “an accident!”

As for the CIA the list is larger than the national debt.  One must understand that the CIA & Mossad are controlled at the very top by the same people.  The citizens of Israel are being used by their government, and their government is controlled by the Rothschild family.  The very same people who control our government.  For more information on the U.S.S. Liberty watch the two films below.

DEAD IN THE WATER: The Israeli Attack On The U.S.S. Liberty – (Full Length)


LOSS OF LIBERTY: The Truth About The U.S.S. Liberty

43 Responses to Mossad/CIA murdered U.S. troops in Iraq

  • Whistleblower on CIA drug operations moved to another federal prison
    The whistleblower, a cousin of the former CIA top official dealing with counter-narcotics, has been moved from Florence federal penitentiary in Arizona to another federal prison center, according to information passed to WMR by a former FBI counter-narcotics contractor and member of the Presidential Task Force on Narcotics during the 1980s.

    WMR has now been given liberty by parties involved in the case to divulge further details about the matter.

    The individual arrested on charges that he threatened federal agents is Philip Ticktin of Arizona. Ticktin’s cousin, identified as the person responsible for not only the CIA’s counter-narcotics program but also instrumental in setting up the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN), designed to track the money flows of drug dealers and terrorists, is Sidney Zabludoff. Ticktin changed his last name from Zabludoff, which appears on his Pennsylvania birth certificate, to Ticktin some years ago.

    On February 12, 2010, WMR reported: “WMR’s FBI sources also confirmed that the senior CIA officer officially vested with the job of countering the international narcotics trade was actively involved in promoting the CIA’s own drug smuggling operations. The individual also served in the Treasury Department where he ensured that the surveillance databases of suspicious money flows by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN) were scrubbed of any information that would point to the CIA’s involvement in drug money laundering.

    We have also learned that the cousin of the CIA official, who discovered his cousin’s involvement in the narcotics and drug money laundering business, was recently arrested in Arizona and incarcerated in the Florence federal penitentiary for allegedly threatening the lives of federal agents, a serious crime under the new anti-terrorism laws. Although, the individual in question has been diagnosed as ‘delusional’ by a court-appointed psychiatrist, federal prosecutors are seeking a plea deal that would ensure that no mention is ever made of the cousin [who is now a well-known supporter of Israel], the CIA, FBI, or the Bush family. The jailed whistleblower also alleged that the CIA’s drug trade continues to flourish and that it involves Latin American Jews, Mossad agents and fabric and window covering warehouses in Florida, Georgia, and Texas that are used to store drugs from Latin America prior to distribution.
    Ticktin has filed a series of complaints about his alleged harassment by federal agents to the U.S. District Court for Arizona over the past several years.

    In a June 12, 2008, court filing, Ticktin stated “A wrongful termination ensued after which plaintiff was solicited to work for a window covering firm in Florida, known as Vertilux. It was, plaintiff believes, accidentally revealed there that this firm and Hunter Douglas were front Corporations for the Central Intelligence Agency and is actually involved in the distribution of illegal narcotics and money laundering. It develops that Hunter Douglas, Vertilux and every company that has since solicited the plaintiff to work has been protected by Executive order and it appears for a protracted time that the fabric industry has been used as a benign cover for these other activities.”

    Ticktin also filed a number of Freedom of Information Act requests to the CIA and NSA for records dealing with him and his various employers.

    Ticktin has stated the following in a memorandum for the record sent to WMR:

    “I have a story that is very pertinent to what is going on now. I am a civilian, no military or intelligence background, but I have a relative in a high level intelligence capacity (Sidney J. Zabludoff, do a Google search if you do not know him) that told me 6 months before the Iraq war began that there was NO WEAPONS of any consequence! “A stealth bomber could knock out what little bit Saddam has got in 10 minutes”.
    At the time, I was working for a company in Augusta, Georgia (Carole Fabrics) and told some of my co workers about this. I would assume that this company is either an agency run company, or the conversations were picked up at nearby Ft. Gordon, an NSA listening post. Shortly after, I was fired from this company where I had worked for over 5 years. I was approached shortly thereafter by a “company” in Miami (Vertilux) that I have been told is a BLACK BAG OPERATION (CIA’s drug, weapon, and money movement). I am told that this was a “retribution” job.
    In short, I have been harassed by a series of “jobs” that I was approached to take. I can prove everything I say. I recorded conversations with the fake company in Miami, where I was warned about my “political statements”.
    When I filed a FOIA on the Miami “company”, I received a call from the NSA, and everybody tells me that they never call people on the phone….to demand what I wanted to know. So far, the media seems to be scared of this story. My subsequent FOIA requests about info about myself have been stonewalled. I also spoke to Kenneth Williams of the FBI. He is the guy who wrote the memo about the Arabs going to flight school in Phoenix. I have tried to get a copy of the report he says he wrote through the FOIA, but have been equally stonewalled. They have destroyed my career, just like they did with Valerie Plame!”

    The former FBI counter-narcotics consultant and member of President Reagan’s narcotics task force has told WMR that Ticktin’s story checks out in all accounts. Ticktin claims that after expressing an early interest in his story, The New York Times refused to take any more of his phone calls.

    According to the website of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, “Sidney Zabludoff is an economist who worked for the White House, CIA, and Treasury Department for more than thirty years. Upon retirement in 1995, he focused on issues related to the restitution of Jewish assets stolen during the Holocaust era. He has published numerous detailed studies on the issue and was the principal analyst for Jewish participants involved in insurance claims.”

  • CIA tried to recruit Navy Vet, Whistle Blower, and Brown Supporter, Cirino Gonzalez to do such work, and he told them Hell NO! Now he sits as a political prisoner in Phoenix AZ.

  • They have been murdering US soldiers for years.With friends like that, who needs enemies? But I blames the churches because they go around touting that, The Jews are God’s chosen people. Not all Jews are Gods chosen people, only those that choose God’s way of doing things through love and peace, though the prince of peace, Jesus Christ.
    A good tree is known by it’s good fruit.

  • Israelis were mostly “advisers” in Iraq.

  • The Mossad and the CIA are 2 tentacles of the same evil octopus. Mossad has bribed / blackmailed all of America’s "leaders". Almost everybody from Obama down is owned by Israel.

  • Congress is supposed to oversee the White House activities, as is the justice department. I would favor throwing the negligent responsible committee chairmen in a federal prison until hell freezes over, then lose the keys. Markey looked at the Deepwater Horizon mess and mewled and pranced. Weylin looked at the death spewing from Fukushima, another U.S. in hiding fuch-up, and pranced and mewled. 9-11-2001 has been solved except for who actually signed the paychecks for the phony elevator repairmen accessing the WTC cores to plant nanothermate.

    The Pentagon damage is totally solved. Bin Laden? NOT.

    After gazing on and releasing all foreign individuals from custody, Skelator Chertoff blew his whistle and the entire congress mewls and prances in their little suits of mass-destruction.
    Soldiers are committing suicide at a higher percentage than any time in history. Meanwhile congress mewls and prances. Their new department of Homeland Security has yet to apprehend or make an arrest in these matters, preferring to sexually molest children and adults when they get in the way. Meanwhile, congress, with a 5% approval rating, mewls and prances like the Goddam kitten and poodle videos on Youtube. Here is a clue. The CIA and Skull and Bones Society are loyal to England. The Skull and Bones Society has been doing illegal clandestine rape, murder, and theft and piracy for the English royal family since before 1713. The CIA is a branch of MI-6. Follow the money trail and do your homework and we can have these punks and attackers in jails by next Tuesday. Israel can fail on their own. The City of London is the problem, from Anders Breivik to the demented trash that intentionally blew up the Deepwater Horizon oil well in the GoM.

  • What is crazy is that I worked with this insane individual by the name of Phil Ticktin in AZ. We worked for a hardware and software company the biggest in AZ and Phil was delusional and under the impression that he was being watched by the CIA and other government agencies. He used to just fly off the handle talking about how these different agencies put these particular businesses in place just so they could watch him. When you would ask him how in the world that made sense since the company was there years prior to him being employed there he came up with the explanation that it was all a part of the master plan they had. He talked about Nazis and all sorts of stupid crap. He was so stupid that I just couldnt listen but I had no choice because he sat right next to me and he would not shut up. He would look up to the ceiling and say that there were cameras up there monitoring him. Talk about creepy. For some reason my husband and I were talking and Phil came up. I cant even remember why but it had something to do with being insane so we googled him together and looked him up on facebook and this website came up and the very first comment someone is talking about him and his insanity.

  • To "B"
    Why don’t you show your name, PUSSY?
    Since many bank accounts were downloaded off a CIA officials’ computer, spooks like you can only throw rocks…since we have you by the balls….These are the drug booty accounts that pays the CONGRESS and SENATE…..
    We have you,

  • I guess B must be eating a very large crow by now since the revelations by
    Ed Snowden.

  • where is the picture of the frightened Iraqi boy being murdered by a bunch of american soldiers in Iraq ? It is the mist disputable picture I have ever seen!

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