More Useless Government May Turn Deadly for Some

(JOHNNY ENGLISH for FEDERALJACK) Government agencies seem to materialize out of thin air sometimes. Under the guise of helping you and I by “regulating” big corporations, small businesses, tax distribution and much more, there is one in particular that actually should be closely monitored. The medical field. Regular inspections, routine “surprise” visits and regulating drug distribution are just a few of the things that should be watched very carefully. However, in Tulsa, Oklahoma this seems to be a problem. Let us take a look at the recent case of Dr. Wayne Scott Harrington DMD, an oral surgeon with 2 offices in and around Tulsa.

Dr. Harrington was granted a license to practice dentistry in 1974. Over the course of 39 years, there has been very little to catch the eye of the average patient. Only one other instance has been found so far connecting Dr. Harrington and malpractice. The public record of Pamela M. Dickey and Richard Dickey vs Dr. Wayne Scott Harrington and Angela Landdeck can be viewed by clicking this link. Also found was an arrest record of Nicklaus Scott Harrington, believed to be Dr. Harrington’s son. Only a couple of minor instances. Malpractice lawsuits are very common in the health profession and many people have had sons or daughters that experienced trouble at one time or another. Minor, until March 2013. A complaint was issued by the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry in March 2013 that stated the following:

On March 15, Board investigators were notified by officials from the State Department of Health of an investigation they were conducting of a potential Hepatitis C contamination at a dental office and requested assistance pursuant to a complaint. Health department officials advised that an unidentified person referred to as “the index patient” had recently tested positive for HIV and Hepatitis C, after defining a short window of time of contraction,with no other known risk factors other than receiving dental treatment. During the investigation the State and County Health Officials had inspected the office of Wayne Scott Harrington, D.M.D.. During this inspection, Dr. Jana Winfree, the Chief of the Dental Health Service at the Oklahoma Department of Health, Janet Wilson, RN, the Adult Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinator for the State Department of Health, and Kelly VanBuskirk the Division Chief of the Health Data and Evaluation Division at the Tulsa County Health Department were present.

Dr. Winfree advised Dental Board investigators that during the initial health department inspection, they had found that there were multiple sterilization issues, multiple cross-contamination issues, the drug cabinet was unlocked and unattended during the day and that during interviews with dental assistants, they were routinely providing the IV sedation for the procedures.

On Monday March 18th, Board investigators, Susan Rogers, Executive Director and James Seely, Chief Investigator accompanied state and county health department officials to an unannounced office inspection of Dr. Harrington located at 2111 South Atlanta Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Harrington also has a satellite office at 12806 East 86th Place North, Owasso, Oklahoma. The dental assistants were interviewed separately by teams of Board investigators and Health Department officials regarding safety protocols, techniques and regular practices within the office including a walk-through of their daily procedures.

No written infection prevention policies and procedures were available or utilized by staff. Staff was asked what the procedure was when a barrier breach by cut or needle had occurred. The procedure was to soak the cut or punctured area in bleach until it turned white.

During the inspections, Dr. Harrington referred to his staff regarding all sterilization and drug procedures in the office. He advised, “they take care of that I don’t.”

The full complaint can be viewed and downloaded via this link: FULL COMPLAINT AGAINST DR. WAYNE SCOTT HARRINGTON The letter sent out to all the possible infected can be read here: LETTER TO PATIENTS 

This man had worked on possibly thousands of patients in recent years. According to a close source, several people have been contacted by health department officials to be tested immediately for HIV, Hepatitis’ A, B and C. One of those people is a close friend of mine, Tom Armour. He revealed this on the Broken Man Radio Show Episode 23 on April 6, 2013. The full show can be heard here: Episode 23 Broken Man Radio. To say I was shocked is an understatement. Mr Armour, as well as others, must now wait 2 weeks for results of invasive tests. Not knowing whether a trip to the dentist has changed their lives forever or not. Not knowing if a dentist that was trying to cut corners by using bleach to disinfect tools has caused a virtual epidemic in Tulsa, OK by infecting thousands and their families with HIV and Hepatitis.

Mr Armour also revealed that NO information will be given directly about the case to the patients, rather, they will be informed by the media. The same media that lie to us all daily. A more recent conversation with Mr Armour revealed that this dentist may be protected from prosecution by the dental union on a technicality. Apparently the “surprise” visit by health department officials was not done according to regulations. This is the equivalent of a person not being read their Miranda Rights when arrested.

Who is really at fault? Obviously Dr. Harrington and his staff. But there is another twist to the story. Dr. Harrington had not been inspected in 6 YEARS! The government agencies that were put in charge of yours and my health had not done their job in 6 YEARS. This could be one of the worst cases of regulatory failure in history. The tax dollars that are collected to fund these agencies were wasted in Tulsa, OK. These agencies are just as responsible as Dr. Harrington in this writer’s eyes. Tattoo shops are inspected regularly, food establishments are inspected regularly (supposedly). But a dentist that operates on patients, dealing with a part of the body that easily transfers disease is left alone for 6 YEARS! This is outrageous. And besides giving up his license to practice dentistry, Dr. Harrington may get away with little or no punishment. But don’t worry about Dr. Harrington, I am sure he will be fine in his million dollar home.

A word for the wise here, you, as a patient of ANY doctor, have a right to ask for inspection records before undergoing ANY procedure. We all have been guilty of just glancing at a document and signing. I suggest we all, from this day forward, ask any and all doctors for this record. If they will not, or cannot provide them, walk out of the office and find another doctor. These are rights as a patient that very few, if any, exercise.

If you pray, please pray for all the people involved here. These patients that are going through this need all the help they can get. Please be aware and ASK QUESTIONS no matter what doctor you see or what procedure you are having. It may mean your life.

Thanks to Tom Armour and Chris Coffman for the research they provided.

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