More Proof of rebel atrocities after Gaddafi troops found dead, mutilated in mass grave

(RT)   A mass-grave of alleged pro-Gaddafi soldiers has been discovered in a rebel-controlled area in Libya, according to British newspaper The Telegraph. The location was swiftly bulldozed after the discovery, suggesting an attempt to cover-up the killings. The bodies were reportedly mutilated, adding to the recent concerns of human rights abuses by rebels. Such crimes are being swept under the carpet to support NATO’s cause in the region.


3 Responses to More Proof of rebel atrocities after Gaddafi troops found dead, mutilated in mass grave

  • This is the M.O. of (coprolites)aka mossad “by way of deception,(trickery)thou shalt make war”.A bunch of garbage dump scavengers bolsheviks.

  • IMpeach All pro war politicians involved in Libyan against al qaeda terrorists. Charge criminally and civilly for genocide,rape,assassination,human rights abuses, lying to Nation and world,perjury at UN, treason,violation of war powers act,multiple war crimes,Nato illegal war, Gaddaffi is victim and hero, Gaddaffi will triumph. Clinton, Obama, Biden deserve to be hit with one of the bombs they killed others and deserve to be tortured before death as Nato tortured.All Nato pilots, and participants should be punished also all deserve the death penalty.

  • It is a shame what the Leaders of Our Country do in Our Name. They say we are hated for our FREEDOM. LIE LIE LIE. We are hated for the way our Government KILLS KILLS KILLS. Gaddafi was building Universities and helping his People. Then NATO came along and Destroyed these Civilian Targets.

    That is why the CIA is on the Ground, To line up the Lazar weapons on the Targets of Choice. The US goes in and tries to assassinate Gaddafi, a Leader of a Nation. Typical of the CIA. This Country has been doing that for Years. Same Plan, Just different Country.

    The Supermissiles that were Stolen? Many of them were US MADE. Yes, The Latest in US Technology and how did Gaddafi get them? The Biggest Unanswered Question. Who in the US was selling the most HIGH TECH SAMS to Gaddafi? Was this all a Prep for WAR? or a PLANT for WAR?

    It makes me SICK to listen to Hillary as she does her WAR DANCE. Just like her WAR DANCE for IRAN. I think her Tampon is shoved in sideways. But I am not surprised that it FIT’S. Like George W. Bush, When her time comes she’ll be remembered for the 1000’s that she too Murdered. A Female Hitler. A Perfect example of a German Nazi SS Officer right down to the War Crimes.

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