More predictive programming from Foxnews for The New World Order


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(FEDERALJACK)   Less than five years ago if you mentioned THE NEW WORLD ORDER you would have be called a conspiracy nut, or crazy.  Then last fall, just as the world economy started to tank due to the manipulation by this very same NEW WORLD ORDER the MSM started to post articles with titles like “And Now For A New World Order”, and you heard from world leaders like Gordon Brown, the PM of England, that we needed a  “NEW WORLD ORDER”  to stop this “global” economic disaster from ever happening again.

Just look for your self:

The new world order

Financial Times Editorial Admits Agenda For Dictatorial World Government

Brown wants a ‘new world order’

This is what is called predictive programming.  The Elites know what they are doing.  They want their NEW WORLD ORDER to be accepted with open arms.  Its the frogs in the pot approach.  Any cook who has made frogs legs will tell you that if you threw the frogs into the boiling water they would jump right out, but if you put the frogs into lukewarm water and slowly raise the temperature they won’t know until it is too late.  Well ladies and gentlemen we are the frogs and its time to wake up before we boil.

Look at the screen shots below to see how very matter of factly they call them THE NEW WORLD ORDER.


Image by Popeye/Federaljack


Image by Popeye/Federaljack

It is once again time to wake the sleeping giant, but this time we know who the real enemy is.  It only took 3% of the country’s citizens to fight and defeat the British.  We have way more than three percent this time.  Keep your eyes open and read between the lines, they are programming the masses to accept this coming disaster called THE NEW WORLD ORDER with open arms.  We need to kick it up a notch.  These people are week and cowards, they need to resort to covet means to get their agenda passed.  Look through the brain washing and expose it whenever you can.


you can see the full article here:

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