MLK’s Niece Alveda King: Sharpton, Jackson should stop ‘playing race card’ over Trayvon Martin


(DAILY CALLER)   Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece is criticizing the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson for politicizing the Trayvon Martin shooting and leveraging racial tensions to rile up Americans.

Conservative activist Dr. Alveda King, now the director of African-American outreach at Priests for Life and the founder of King For America, said she hopes Sharpton and Jackson stop “stirring up the people without positive solutions” in Sanford, Fla., and elsewhere in the U.S.

“I would believe that, by stirring up all of the emotions and reactions, I wanted to encourage them to remember the man that they say that they followed, to remember that his message was nonviolence and very loving,” King told The Daily Caller, referencing her late uncle. She added that she wanted to encourage Jackson and Sharpton “to talk about nonviolence and not to incite people with that race card that they are very good at playing.”

“Nonviolence was a very important part of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr,” she added. “So, we want to encourage people to be nonviolent in their responses, to be thorough in their research and that justice must be done…We want justice to come, but we want nonviolent responses to this really tragic and terrible incident.”

King hasn’t made up her mind about the facts of this case and who is responsible for what, but believes there should be a full investigation. She told TheDC that she agrees with former Republican presidential candidate and businessman Herman Cain, however, who has asked for a full investigation instead of “swirling rhetoric.”

“I believe that it should be thoroughly investigated,” she told TheDC. “I believe that it should be discovered whether there was undue force. If Trayvon did work to defend himself, he was not armed and so that is an unfair fight right there. Trayvon was not armed and the man who shot him was. So there is a possibility of undue force.” (RELATED: Full coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting)

She said her heart goes out to Trayvon Martin’s family and she understands what they’re going through. “I’m very concerned about Trayvon’s family,” King said. “I’m praying as well, and many members of my family are as well… Several of us have experienced death of family members by shooting.”

“My grandmother, Mama King, Alberta Williams King, was shot in Ebenezer Baptist Church,” King continued. “My uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., of course, was shot. And, then, my dad [Alfred Daniel Williams King] was killed the next year, drowned in a swimming pool. So, we are not unfamiliar with these kinds of shocks and tragedies to a family. And, so, my first thought is to pray for the family.”

King hopes Americans won’t continue to “hype this up so much to a point and make all this big demonstrations. Of course, there should be an outrage and there should be an outcry. But, remember: There are many other young people who are at risk and many young people getting killed in violent situations.”

She said if her father, A.D. King, and uncle, Martin Luther King Jr., were still alive today, they would handle this tragedy much differently from how Sharpton and Jackson have so far.

“I remember when our home was bombed, and my dad went out to the people and he said, ‘please don’t riot, please don’t react violently, my family and I are alright,’” King said. “’If you have to hit anybody, hit me. So please, I’d rather you be nonviolent and don’t strike out.’ So, my uncle would urge a call for justice but he would also urge nonviolence in responses. He would do that, I can assure you he would.”

Moving forward on this storyline, King said Americans “should be watchful for racial profiling, for stereotypical responses.”

“We also should urge people to know that we are one human race,” she said. “We’re not separate races. There’s only one human race.”

King said the news media — which she said was largely responsible for Martin’s story gaining a massive national following — should remember that there are many struggles being encountered by America’s youth.

“I would like for the media to be aware of how dire circumstances are and to be a little more compassionate in reporting and to be fair, of course,” King said. “To be honest and truthful, but to know that we’re dealing with some dire circumstances and this is not a one-time occurrence. There are issues involved here — certainly the racial issue is a question, but it’s not the only thing because we have violence against young people from those who are within their own racial communities and their own ethnic groups.”

King adds that racism still exists in America today, and the American people need to watch for it and fight back the way her uncle, Martin Luther King, Jr., taught. “This is the 21st century and we would all like to think racism is dead in America,” King said. “Actually, that’s not the case, still there are some racial issues that are out across this nation and so we have a responsibility as compassionate citizens of America, no matter what our ethnic group happens to be, to confront these issues when they arise. The best way to confront it is with God’s love, and if my uncle and my father were here today, they’d say that to you: ‘God’s love.’”

8 Responses to MLK’s Niece Alveda King: Sharpton, Jackson should stop ‘playing race card’ over Trayvon Martin

  • Wow, nice to know Dr. King has a sellout niece. So why do you hate on Trayvon, Popeye? I’m finding out just who is a racist pig, like most of the Truther/Patriot network. Sad way to find out, better late than never I guess. You people are sad.

  • Just waiting for Ron Paul and his son to weigh in on the side of NeoConfederates and other "Libertarians" who are sad that their side lost the Civil War.

  • DOUG DIGGLER, Sharpton and Jackson are government shills. Any fool knows that. The government loves it when these two get involved in cases like this because they throw all the stupid people into a tizzy. They get them all fired up over an issue before all the facts are in.
    Dr. King’s niece isn’t to blame here. It’s your media outlets who skewed the facts and the truth so bad, that now NONE of us know what the hell happened. Florida cops don’t rate any better either. So Doug Diggler, take a better look at those two stooges who manage to get away with saying and doing a lot more than most others would ever be able to get away with simply because THEY ARE GOVERNMENT SHILLS.

  • This whole murder thing has been stirred up in the media in an effort to divide us. The old ‘divide and conquer’ thing. We have been divided for too long. In the name of religion and nationality, throughout known history, we have been killing each other for what? For the benefit of a very few. We are all brothers and sisters, around the world. We all feel pain. We all feel Love. We all have our own perspectives and aspirations. We are all of the human race on this planet Earth. We have been chopped into kingdoms and serfdoms to serve a very few at the expense of very many and we have been corralled in fear, greed and deception. The vibration of this attitude and has kept us in a very low state of consciousness. Our political systems are poisoned with greed and deception and our mainstream medias maintain a low state of consciousness with lies and violence. An enemy is profit and there’s no profit in a cure. It plays like a songbook from hell. When one travels abroad it becomes very clear that, although different cultures may have a little different perspective on things, we are all brothers and sisters of the same Mother. In these troubled times, it is important that we realize that the people of other nations are not our enemy. They live day to day as we do, with families, loved ones and neighbors while governments, banksters and corporations foment hostility for their personal gain as they destroy the ecosystems of this beautiful planet, home to us all. It is time to recognize that our biggest ally is each other and our biggest threat are those that would try to control us, and divide us for profit and power. The information age has brought us all closer together around the world and it is time to build on this initiative to unite as people of the world in the cause of freedom and dignity and justice for all. In unity, we can easily raise the vibration of consciousness around the world. It’s time for this change and we are the ones here to change it. We have been the servants and slaves to our governments and not the masters as the word democracy suggests. It is time to bring ‘Power to the People’!

  • No one is hating on Trayvon here troll. That is a bullshit strawman argument. Learn logical fallacies so you don’t look like such a race baiting fool.

  • This things happens all over the world, we may drivel it to every direction but the sole responebility for this actions Lies on the Perpetrator of that Crime.
    And nobody else.
    I find the hole case just like dusins of other similare cases of Divide and Conquer. The same issue is completly lacking in a different case, where To Blacks killed one White, because He deserved It.
    Whats the difference is merly sematics, reality the same, race indused tales of differences and lies about something completly other, the cause of all this, poverty and lack of perspectives, leads to easy moneygrabbing(drugs) for simply survival, thats even done in Scandinavian counrtys.
    No work, no nothing.

    Be aware of people politisaizing this, they are the ones bennefitting and thying to make them selfs heard, fu.. the sircumstances, they try to induce Racehate.

    To highlight the cheer lunacy in our world, I am a "pure" white mother fu…(hehe, just jocking) and My personal history is exactly the same as the Native Americans, marginalized, forced nationalized, Forced desplacment from our land, children kiddnaped, language supressed and banned, lobotomized, stuffed in asylums as Unpure Humans, I have grown up some kilometers from My Grandmothers/peoples land and property but its stil a NoGo sone(military, cold war is stil alive) and so for 70 years we have stood beside and could do nothing, because Nobody care. And Nobody lisened, we where to smal. and a.s.o.
    And I am a Native European, why the fu.. do we drivel this down to race, its a political motivated consensus builded crime against us all.
    AKA: hatepropaganda.
    And this is a problem that is accelerating, dayly, not only in USA, but in the western world in general.And our MSM is pimping a Cut And Paste reality that is desiged for one purpouse only, war in the midle east, and the demonification and divertions are starting to make their aperances.
    We probably wil have more of this, and all desiged for heating up the Race issue.
    Dont fall into that trapp.
    Its the wrong direction, its the robberbarons and their hendgmenn(goverment) the topp that plunders and rapes the people, that IS the problem.

    The reaality is not always what we think and race issues are far wider and grander in scope than MANY belive and Know.
    For me the only definition I follow in may cases regarding fellow men, is what you do, not what you say, that matters moust.
    And hypocracy is a dobbeledged sword, remeber that.


    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr.


  • LOL…OMFG….I have never read a more illiterate and uneducated group of posts in one place ever before. You are all a waste of bandwidth.

  • Hey Doug Digger! Here is a racist crime of murder. Are you going to raise hell about this injustice? This is just one of a multitude of its type.

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