Missouri mom outraged after school reportedly tells daughter to get breast reduction to stop harassment


(KTVI) — A north St. Louis County mother claims her 13-year-old daughter is being harassed because of her breast size and was floored by the response she got after calling the school district.

Tammie Jackson says her daughter Gabrielle is being sexually harassed because of her large breasts at Central Middle School in Moline Acres. She says the sixth grader has been dealing with bullying since last semester.

Jackson called the Riverview Gardens School District to complain and was shocked by what she was told.

“It makes me feel like now you are telling me it’s my fault, it’s God’s fault the way he made her. The lady on the phone said they could transfer my daughter and said her boobs were so large she will always get teased. And the only suggestion she had for me is to have my daughter get a breast reduction,” said Jackson.

FOX 2 stopped by the school district for a response and we’re told they’re working to counsel students to resolve the bullying issue. As for the claims about the surgery, we’re told they are still looking into it.

Jackson also says her 9-year-old son Elijah has bullying issues. He has a rare heart condition and she says kids make fun of his surgical scars, causing him to make suicidal comments.

Jackson says all she wants is resolution to an issue she says can affect kids for the rest of their lives, “Talk with the kids. Let them know people’s bodies are changing, everybody is different, but God made us all great.”

Jackson says the superintendent called and said they are working on a plan to resolve issues for both of her children.


One Response to Missouri mom outraged after school reportedly tells daughter to get breast reduction to stop harassment

  • The teachers and administrators are trained and chosen for their acceptance and espousal of marxist principles. It is ridiculous to consider that they are "highly trained professionals." They are highly trained in cultural and other forms of marxism. Therefore, you can expect injustice from them.

    On the other hand, it is only since the 60s radicals takeover (also cultural marxism) of our culture and the defining thereof that we even have the notion that every childish problem is "sexual harrassment." That in itself is a form of cultural marxism. It is not easy to grow up. Kids have always teased other children. These things are problems that help children develop their social skills and their own emotional skills and mechanisms of adaptation. Turning these inevitable difficulties that are a part of growing up into forms of terrorism and felonious behavior is a hysterical reaction to normal problems and is an element of the collapse of our society, not a remedy.

    These problems are nothing new. In the days when marxism was not the main qualifier for educators, they would have handled the situation better. Society and people are not evolving into something better, we are seeing a decadence largely induced by cultural marxism. The so-called "progressives" have got it wrong, they are not promoting a progression to something better but rather to a decadent communist-style society in which bad manners and even downright aggression in children, though they need to be remedied and always have been, are redefined as terrorism and felonious crime. But don’t expect reasonable and mature guidance from those who’s training and position are predicated on their promotion of cultural marxism. They were not properly trained.

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