Michael Ratner: There is a North America-wide strategy to take away the right to mass protest


3 Responses to Michael Ratner: There is a North America-wide strategy to take away the right to mass protest

  • Spontaneous protest is already illegal in most U.S. cities and towns. In order for you to rightfully assemble you must first submit an application for consideration of a public event which on the majority of the applications will contain a section in which to describe the planned activities. You must pay a fee, be reviewed and accepted by the administrators, town council, mayor etc. If your event will contain large numbers of persons the fee will also include police costs and a additional agreement drafted by the local police chief detailing legal activities allowed under the permit. If Americans continue to accept broad over reach by so-called “legal” authorities they cease to free people, and they already are slaves. If you combine all ordinances, State and Federal law and Federal regulatory bodies’ rules on ANY single subject or behavior you will find everything you do now violates some law or rule or standard procedure. You have the right to do nothing. Do not attempt to exercise your perceived “rights” as you will be detained and/or arrested and possible charged with a crime for doing so. Stay in homes socializing on Fbook and watching television so that Wall Street and Congress can work steadfast to steal any source of built up capital you may think was invested or set aside for your own retirement. You might have that notion, but again you would be wrong to assume that you actually own anything as legally any property can be acquired through new statutes at any time. Go back to sleep now…

  • I never met a devil’s advocate who was even half smart. Instead of puking up your bile, turn with that self perceived genius and go to work on your police department and county or city council before any event is conceived.

    Let them know not of ‘who’ in particular, but be helpful and productive in your community by relaying true employment figures, stock market and bond issue frauds, derivative frauds, and hedge fund and ARM fraud details so that THEY see a NEED for a gesture to be covered by the news, that there is indeed trouble in the U.S.A. and the numbskull in office cannot deliver.
    Devil’s advocate exercises are to remind law students to go with the winner, and not suitable for educative purposes or entertainment.

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