Michael Hastings Crash Caught On Surveillance Camera – New Footage

(FEDERALJACK)   A new video shows the final moments before journalist Michael Hastings’ Mercedes Benz exploded into flames — with the grainy footage revealing the car’s fiery end on Highland Avenue June 19. The video was obtained from Weekly contributor Michael Krikorian, whose girlfriend, Nancy Silverton, owns Pizzeria Mozza, which is located at Melrose and Highland just a few hundred feet from the site of the fatal crash. In a blog post, Krikorian says the video was discovered and turned over to the LAPD the day after the crash. Hastings, the Polk Award-winning author of The Operators, was killed when his Mercedes crashed into a palm tree on Highland, just south of Melrose, at about 4:15 a.m. He was 33. The L.A. County coroner’s office has delayed a final ruling on the death, pending toxicology tests. The crash has spawned theories online among those who believe that Hastings’ high profile and confrontational approach to reporting made him a potential target for assassination. The video appears to show just one car speeding down Highland, however, it does nothing to resolve other theories, such as that Hastings’ car was remotely hacked. Some of Hastings’ family told Rolling Stone that they do not believe he was assassinated. “I don’t believe it’s a conspiracy,” his brother Jeff Hastings said. “There’s no part of me that’s troubled by that.” His wife, and very close family friends feel differently.

4 Responses to Michael Hastings Crash Caught On Surveillance Camera – New Footage

  • I see 2 cars. Looks like he was trying to get away from the car that was following him, then it did the pit maneuver.

  • Ok, I’ve watched it a thousand times now, It happens so fast, he was alone but travelling at a very, very high speed and the car started to turn to the left just before the crash (which looked like a second car doing the pit)

  • one car, and notice the small quick flash under the car before impact and the big explosion begins..

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