(Fritz Springmeier)   I’m not buying the media’s whoppers that they are handing out to the public concerning Portland, OR’s recent Clackamas Town Center shooting.  Based on an interview with a close friend of the alleged dead gunman, I have concluded that the media’s story is far-fetched.

In general, there are readers who have realized how unreliable and full of propaganda the mass media is, and then there are those who gulp down with total trust whatever they are fed by the media.  There are some people who don’t trust anyone, and can smell a lie told by an acquaintance, yet then strangely place total trust in the system’s mass media. If it is on the news, they accept it. Go figure. Pay particular attention to the types of issues I raise in this article, so that no matter what your previous view of the media, you too can practice critical thinking.  There are benefits to all of us when we get in the habit of being able to point out questionable things. The truth will set us free!!

The Clackamas Town Center shooting happened near my house, so I felt it appropriate to provide some details about it for others. When it happens in your area, it’s your turn. See if you don’t also find details from the media story suspicious.  This article will step us through the controlled media’s version, and also step-by-step put in truthful explanations in parentheses to show how once again, instead of discovering the truth, the media has hid the truth just like JFK’s assassination and 9-11.

The alleged mass murderer was a happy 22 year old, with a calm demeanor, who liked to joke and who had no enemies. He had no history of depression, and the only drug he had tried was to smoke a little pot. His friend, who knew him all through the school years, says he never complained about his family life. His friend said they had good memories of going to the large mall at Clackamas Town Center and doing fun things. Of all the strange places to pick to randomly shoot people, the man, who the media claims was the mass murderer, went to the place where he had fond memories and perhaps even friends among the shoppers. It doesn’t make sense.

The media has done TV interviews with his girlfriend Hanna. (This is actually an old girlfriend, not his most current one.)   The alleged shooter, Jacob Tyler Roberts (known to friends as Jake) had decided to move to Hawaii, was being evicted from his apartment, breaking up with his girlfriend, and had missed his flight to Hawaii that morning, all this supposedly pushing him off the deep end to go shoot up a mall full of 30,000 Christmas shoppers.  (Jake had only been in the apartment for 3-4 months, evictions take time in Oregon. Also Jake was not the type to miss a flight, his friend says that he was the type to be at the airport 2 hours early. Further, Jake was a calm person who didn’t get upset at things, and was not easy to anger. Further, if Jake was moving to Hawaii and had sold all his goods as the media claims, why hadn’t he sold his car which was used in the crime?  For Jake not to have sold his car, puts some serious question marks on the media’s stories.)

Jacob is then reported to have missed his flight and then stolen a friend’s AR-15. (However, no details on what friend are provided…but isn’t it convenient for those wanting Jacob to be the killer that Jacob is made out to be a thief, in other words, first he is demonized as a failure with work and his girlfriend, irresponsible in missing his flight, and now a thief stealing an AR-15, who repeatedly refer to the gun as a semi-automatic assault weapon. Most guns are set up to fire semi-automatic, and will fire when the trigger is pulled until the clip runs out, so clearly there is an agenda at hand when the newspeople don’t simply say “an AR-15” and repeatedly say “a semi-automatic assault weapon”.  In contrast with the media, his friends say he was totally honest and never stole, nor was he an angry irresponsible person. In fact, of about 100 people who knew him, none of them could identify the media’s claimed behavior of Jacob with how Jacob had acted his entire life. Apparently the day of the shooting had to be an aberration or perhaps there is another explanation besides the media’s fuzzy reporting. His father, using a spokesperson, said that “the shooting was out of his character.”)

Jacob is reported to have driven to the mall and parked in front of Macy’s. (If he did, this is both an amazing feat and an amazing fact, because Jake was a local and in the habit of coming in from the Sear’s side where one can park easily. Parking in the front before Macy’s is almost an impossibility during Christmas season, and the spots are taken by grandmother types who circle the parking lot endlessly until such a close-in spot happens to become available. To reach the area of the shooting, Jake could have come in more easily from the north or west, both more assessable than the route he is said to have taken.) The media reports on what Jacob was wearing have changed a lot. (In fact, the entire stories by the authorities and the media keep changing, while all the time they pretend as if no changes have happened in their stories….It appears that an attempt to fog the situation and contaminate people from having a clear memory of things is occurring.)  Some of the media stories have him wearing a hoody with a hood or a white hockey mask, at any rate, from what is written, there is not a single witness who saw his face.

The police had done a mock training drill of a shooting at Clackamas Town Center a month before; and according to eyewitnesses, arrived in about one to three minutes after the shooting began. (Some say 1 min. and others put it at 3 minutes.) Some of the arriving police were in full combat gear, camo uniforms, and in the photos released are impossible to distinguish from army troops, and arrived in what they called “hunter cells”.  (Interestingly, nothing is said of the armed Clackamas County Sheriff who is posted in that area of the mall around the clock. He could have ducked behind some obstruction and shot the shooter. There is plenty of cover to have fought back with impunity. The armed sheriff was right there…or normally is!  Another security guard, in this case mall security, named Nick Meli, says he drew his Glock 22, and also doesn’t fire it at the shooter…but Nick implies in his story that he scared the shooter away. On a day like this, at least 50 mall security guards are on shift according to a mall worker. There are several watching videos of all areas including all the parking lots, and there are 10 vehicles driving around outside, as well as visible and undercover cops in all areas of the mall.  How did the shooter get into the mall without being observed? Also interesting, an ex-Israeli soldier working near the area of the shooting, said that rather than run, he hung around while the shooter did his thing.) Before shooting in the food area, Jacob runs up and says several times, “I am the shooter!” Then he proceeds to spray bullets, killing two people outright with his .223 bullets and wounding one. The wounded lady manages to flee and is life-flighted out. (The numbers of people hit do not make sense. If Jacob were trying to kill people, more should have been hit. The AR-15 bullet, a .22 bullet essentially, was designed to wound not kill. Kill to wound ratios in AR-15 combat type situations typically have many more wounded than killed. Any way one looks at it, 2 killed to 1 wounded…actually 3 killed to one wounded… because Jacob is said to have soon killed himself with one lucky shot…is a strange number and strange ratio for a mall shooting.)

People fled the area, many of them locking themselves into back store rooms. Next the police tell us 100 people in the first 5 minutes call 9-11. (How the figure of 100 calls in 5 minutes beginning at 3:29 p.m. is arrived at is questionable. The first few calls would have tied things up. While it is believable that that many tried to call from cell phones, how the figure of 100 is arrived at is an interesting question.)

The shooter, who no one has seen in the face, runs off in a bizarre direction and goes into a security hallway.  A witness in the hall says simply “Don’t” and the shooter runs past him and ends up down a set of security guard stairs where he allegedly shoots himself dead with one shot. The police find a full clip of ammo in the mall, according to the media. (O.K. They also found an intact undamaged passport of an alleged hijacker on the street of the twin towers on 9-11.) At 3:51 p.m. (22 minutes after the first 9-11 call) the police find Jacob’s dead body on the stairs in the security area. (That the gunman runs into a security guard area is really strange. This is not the path a normal person would take. The security guards have a network of private hallways and locked doors that can take them to all the locations in the mall. The shooter ran into this labyrinth. A shooter who knew the labyrinth of passages could, if he had a key, come out anywhere in the mall or to any security exit to the outside. However, a normal person would be lost. Even finding his way to the not so obvious stairs where he was found would have been a challenge for Jacob, and one must assume he had to have been agitated if he actually had been trying to be a mass murderer.) The officer upon arrival on the scene of Jacob’s alleged suicide in the maze of security hallways immediately radios in that his death is “self-inflicted”. Later, on the local news at 11 p.m. we are given an animated version of the shooting. And it is stated that it portrays the route the shooter “is thought to have taken”. (There are security cameras everywhere according to a mall worker that can be collectively used to get a comprehensive movie of the shooter moving, so what is this “thought to have taken” verbage? Why has the public never seen any footage, while security films of mall shootings by gangsters are shown to the public?)

Now this incident is just one of a series of similar incidents. Allow me to remind people that my Illuminati sources said back in 1991 that schools, malls, and public buildings would be shot up in the coming years; and my 1991 Be Wise As Serpents book warned about this agenda. One of the purposes is to traumatize us. Another was to disarm us. If a group were to plot a mass killing (a psyop operation) to make Americans hate guns, Clackamas Town Center full of Christmas shoppers would be the ideal place for a psyop operation. For an expendable patsy, it makes sense to use a local who had only a small circle of close friends, who was familiar with the mall. And it is even more terrifying to the public when a nice happy guy that everyone likes is thought to have gone crazy and instantly become a mass murderer. Who can you trust with a gun?? (As I said before, the alleged gunman was a local who very likely could have had numerous casual friends in the mall when he entered, so if he were upset with people, it makes sense that he might have targeted one of the many other alternative places in NW America that have lots of people, but less friends. In fact, his close friend who I interviewed had been at the mall earlier that day. It is an established fact that it is far easier to kill strangers than good friends.)

So what is an alternative scenario that fits with the details that are known??

The following is a possibility:

Jake was sleeper, like the lady in the Charles Bronson movie Telephon. He was recruited to participate in what he thought was a training drill. Through deception and hypnotic commands, he was unwittingly prepared to carry out the role of patsy. He was saved a parking spot outside of Macy’s, and moments later, when he got to his assigned spot inside the food area, he yelled several times, “I am the shooter” to warn people that he was assigned the role of shooter in what he thought was a drill. He fired his AR-15 into the ceiling. He then ran off towards the security area as instructed, perhaps thinking that he would be paid for his performance in the drill, where he was executed to hide the evidence of a wider conspiracy.  Several of his handlers who gave him the hypnotic script were on hand watching the episode go down. The police got some good training in, especially their hunter killer cells. It is very possible that the actual shooter was not the young happy-go-lucky 22 year old, but a trained professional killer who also left via the security halls and exited the mall by a security exit or mixed with the Mall Security. The Powers-that-Should-Not-Be got another excuse to take guns away from the public. The people who pulled this off are studying it for all the lessons they can learn, and may even be interested in finding out that you can’t fool all of the people all the time. They are also keeping a close grip on the evidence of what happened so that they can manage the public’s perception of what happened.



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