Media and Activists Calling for Peaceful Resistance at Bilderberg 2012


(THE INTEL HUB)   With the week of Bilderberg upon us, alternative media and social networking sites are buzzing with talk about the big weekend.  For such a serious topic, people have been overwhelmingly cheerful and supportive of one another leading up to this event.

For years many of us have watched from the sidelines as these meetings took place, all of us thinking that we were alone, and that we were the only ones interested in the encroaching world police state that this group has been creating.

This past year things seemed to have changed, due to an immediate grass roots resistance that sprung up the moment that Bilderberg was rumored to be visiting the US.

With all of the shadiness that goes on inside of this conference it is truly a beautiful thing to see so many people taking on a positive attitude in regards to “protesting” this event.

I’m using the term protest somewhat loosely here, because from what I have seen on social networking sites, everyone who is planning on attending this is going as a member of the people powered media.

From the looks of the itinerary that has been posted, there will still be all of the tell tale signs of a protest, with banners and bullhorns and marches, but the overall sentiment behind those involved with this is unlike anything I have ever seen leading up to a protest.

One thing that I have seemed to notice about this whole thing is the focus on the people who will be at home watching this all unfold.  All too often activists forget that social movements are less about the people who are actually being protested and more about the people that are at home watching who are still on the fence about their own opinions.

The media and the public education system has grossly misinformed our generation about the purpose and nature of peaceful resistance.  We have been led to believe that protests are for blowing off steam or that they are for making “demands” of our aristocratic overlords, neither of which I believe to be true.

From my standpoint, protests are a means of communication that takes place between those who are active in a particular cause and those who are not.

To use this years occupy Bilderberg movement as an example, the whole purpose of this protest, at least as I see it, is not to beg the elites for mercy, or even disrupt their meeting, the purpose is to expose what is going on and present the situation in such a way that people back home will be more likely to consider our side of the story.

From what I have seen of those supporting “occupy Bilderberg”, it seems like everyone is on the same page.  Everyone that I have come into contact with has been extremely well read and understands that violence accomplishes nothing, especially when fighting a propaganda battle against a group of people who have all of the military force in the world.

With that being said, much more can be accomplished by acting as media to expose this group, than trying to interact with the group directly.

As i mentioned in the past, any attempt at vandalism or disruption will be an automatic loss for the freedom movement, and an automatic win for the aristocracy, because remember this is a mental war we are fighting.

These people have all of the resources in the world, they could care less about a broken window or a disrupted meeting, they wont be affected in the least by this kind of activity.  In fact it will just give them another opportunity to create propaganda to justify their police state and demonize anyone who speaks out against it.

The approach that I will be taking towards this event, and the one that I suggest to others, was covered in my first Bilderberg article for the intelhub “Occupy Bilderberg: An Experiment in Activist Journalism“.

I will have one more article coming out this week¸ and after that I will be preparing for my trip to Virginia, see you guys there!

I am confident that great leaps will be made by the citizen media at this years Bilderberg meeting, but if there is just one thing that is accomplished this weekend, it is this…NOW WE KNOW WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Until next time, you can add yourself to the exposing bilderberg 2012 and occupy Bilderberg facebook page, or feel free to email me at with any tips, suggestions or disagreements.  Also remember to get your camera ready and join myself, and others at the end of this month in Virginia.

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