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(Stephanie Kienzle)   The shit continues to hit the fan.  An article in today’s Miami Herald, North Miami foots the bill for Haiti president’s security detail, reports that taxpayers get to spend $8,800.00 of PUBLIC MONEY so that North Miami police officers could babysit the Haitian president while he was in town for a PRIVATE PARTY.  The party was a celebration of the eight anniversary of a PRIVATELY OWNED Haitian website.  The taxpayers shelling out for the security detail didn’t even get an invitation.  Isn’t that special?

While many residents were understandably pissed off that “roughly one third” of North Miami’s population, this is just one of the many slights the non-Haitian residents suffer at the hands of a mostly Haitian city council and staff.  Even though mayor Andre Pierre denies that he plays identity politics, stating, “It’s a blatant lie that this administration only helps or does things for Haitians,” the record speaks for itself.  The only blatant lie being told is Pierre’s claim that “his administration celebrates the culture of all residents.”

As I reported in We don’t need no stinkin’ sunshine. Part Deux., the North Miami city council is considering spending  “$270,650.00, for a “Carnival or Mardi-Gras,” which is “one of the most sacred festivities in the Haitian community,” and an additional commitment for an unknown amount to host the festival for five consecutive additional years.  Assuming no annual increase in the cost of the festival, this “commitment” will cost the City of North Miami a minimum of $1,623,900 over six years.  Probably much more than that.

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