McCain Justifies Indefinite Detention of American Citizens with Debunked Statistics

Forget about the obvious violation of Constitutional rights that the recently-approved $662 billion Defense Authorization bill inflicts by allowing for indefinite military detention of United States citizens without formal charges or trial by a jury of peers, the justification for doing so just became more absurd. In the clip below, Rand Paul (R-KY) asks John McCain (R-AZ), “if an American citizen is declared an enemy combatant, could they be sent to Guantanamo Bay and detained indefinitely?”

To which McCain replied affirmative; “If they pose a threat to the security of the United States of America.” McCain claimed this new anti-American authority was needed because of the “facts” that “27% of detainees who were released get back into the fight.”

These so-called facts that McCain has repeatedly regurgitated have long been debunked.

A 2009 report (PDF) by Seton Hall Law Professor Mark Denbeaux found that DOD’s claim referring to GITMO detainees returning to the battlefield to be pure fiction.

“Once again, they’ve failed to identify names, numbers, dates, times, places, or acts upon which their report relies,” Denbaux said in a statement accompanying his report released.

“Every time they have been required to identify the parties, the DOD has been forced to retract their false IDs and their numbers. They have included people who have never even set foot in Guantánamo—much less were they released from there. They have counted people as ‘returning to the fight’ for their having written an Op-ed piece in the New York Times and for their having appeared in a documentary exhibited at the Cannes Film Festival. The DOD has revised and retracted their internally conflicting definitions, criteria, and their numbers so often that they have ceased to have any meaning—except as an effort to sway public opinion by painting a false portrait of the supposed dangers of these men.”

Denbaux also said that the Defense Department has admitted that “they do not track” former detainees. “Rather than making up numbers ‘willy-nilly’ about post release conduct, America might be better served if our government actually kept track of them,” he added.

Even according to the U.S. Government’s own figures, McCain is grossly exaggerating the number. In December 2010, Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, claimed that 13.5 percent (PDF) of former Guantanamo detainees are “confirmed” to have returned to the battlefield. Yet, even that figure was proven to be an outright fraud.

In January 2011, the New America Foundation, a non-partisan public policy think tank, released a report contradicting Clapper’s alarmist claims.  The report found that if the Pentagon-released names can be believed, at best, only 6% of tortured and released detainees found their way back to the battlefield.

Clearly, the idea of indefinitely detaining American citizens in military prisons on the suspicion of being a “threat” to U.S. security is a gross violation of the principles on which America was founded.  But what’s worse, is justifying such tyranny with outright lies and distortion.  Even more disgusting, is McCain and other entrenched politicians know this and yet they continue their wickedness against the American people and the Constitution.

5 Responses to McCain Justifies Indefinite Detention of American Citizens with Debunked Statistics

  • It’s time to re-instate the bounty on vermin. I wanna go huntin.

  • I called Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) to thank him for his stand against the violations of our Bill of Rights entailed in this sham. I was informed that officials in the Military, and FBI did NOT endorse the need for these violations either, and in fact, were very opposed to them. Why are they even there? To basically make a statement that these elitists do NOT have to obey our laws or Constitution.

    John McCain comes from a long line of traitors to the US Citizens and our Republic. His father, Admiral John McCain, ordered the USS Liberty into the danger zone where it was deliberately attacked by unmarked Israeli jets who were under orders to sink the ship and drag the US into the Six Day war against Egypt. This almost resulted in a nuclear attack according to the reports!

    John (songbird) McCain sold out his fellow POW’s and left the MIA’s behind when he made deals with North Vietnam. Mc Insane is dangerous and is now trying to start World War III.

  • Ok, lets see…John McCain was himself a prisoner of war in Vietnam…
    under exactly the same circumstances as he is proposing in this bill…
    Has this guy gone completly bananas or something?

  • Bring back the Inquisition, it was more civilized… Correction on a previous post. On Adm sending Liberty into danger zone. thats normal no problem. What Adm McKane did that was treasones was covering it up. Calling back the flight of aircraft to help. This to hope the Liberty would get sunk and get sentiment against Eqypt insted of Israel to justify US getting into the Middle East War. This incldent was a warm up for the Gulf of Tonkin Incident both products of LBJ.

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