Maryland Police Hold Kids Camp, Teaches Police Training To Children

(Ezra Van Auken)   If you live in Cumberland, Maryland and want your middle school child involved with a summer camp, you have some choices. The Cumberland County police department and Salvation Army are teaming up to invite kids for a week long camp, “to make smart, healthy and safe decisions in order for them to lead a productive life.

And while learning a “healthy” life, the camp also explains the children may “spark an interest or continue the interest in law enforcement by receiving knowledge of Police work and having an opportunity to participate in Police Training.” But how can you live to be healthy by learning aggressive force?

This subject is nothing new in the social media world; in fact since Occupy Wall Street we’ve shined much light on law enforcement. But what have we learned from the footage caught on camera, and recorded by the people?

Law enforcement has become too aggressive towards the American public, and many laws that have been created are not moral to society. To give a better understanding of the prison industrial complex in the United States; the country currently has 2,019,234 prisoners, while China contains 1,549,000. But don’t forget, China has a whole population of 1,338,299,512 citizens that is roughly a billion more people than the United States. Now do you see where I’m coming from!

How does the United States bring in more prisoners than China if their population is a billion less? Well the U.S incriminates citizens who make bad choices on a personal level, primarily drugs. The personal choice in many other countries is given to the people, and not restricted by law.

For instance the country of Portugal decriminalized all drugs in 2001, since then they’ve experienced a smaller drug rate, and less money spent on the prison industry complex. For the most part, the idea of law and personal issues come down to responsibility. A society must understand that taking responsibility is a lot easier than paying the State revenue, because it will soon turn into the problem we have today.

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