Mark Howitt and The March of Freedom

To FederalJack readers,

My name is Mark Howitt, and I am currently walking across Eastern Canada to spread awareness about global issues and try to make a difference in all the communities I pass along the way. I am documenting the experience for a reality show and the event/show is called the “March of Freedom”. Information on this can be found on the World Public Union website, on Facebook and my Youtube channel. As some of you may know I am a documentary film maker as well as a musician, and also founder of the World Public Union. I recently made a film called NWO: Domino Effect which addresses many problems we face, and the time had come where I could not just spread awareness and educate others on what I was learning.

I have decided to put my life on hold for this cause because I believe we are all part of a system that is beyond corrupt, and that if we continue to allow what is happening to unfold future generations will live in a world we will regret to leave behind. I feel the world is ready for a change and there is much support for this cause from around the world however the media has ignored the story and there has been a literal blackout in regards to the March of Freedom. Today, my Facebook account which I used to post my journals and keep in touch with friends and family was hacked and I was blocked from accessing it. I documented the experience and the reason they gave as “for my own protection”. I am no longer able to access the March of Freedom page on Facebook and keep people up to date to set up speaking arrangements in the communities I am going through. The security questions they have asked me to get my account back are questions I did not choose, and if I answer them it will be incorrect causing me to lose my account permanently. I have to log in to another device when I reach a new WIFI spot to attempt to get access to my account back but this is a sure sign that they are trying to silence what I am doing. This sort of thing happens all the time.

When people try to change the world they are silenced or removed from the public eye and at this moment there are many people who have witnessed what happened today and know that I have been silenced by higher powers. They do not want me reaching Ottawa as I plan to speak to our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper to ask him some questions that Canadians I have talked to have in regards to not only Canada, but the world itself. If you are also seeking freedom from a tyrannical government, I ask you to please share the March of Freedom as they cannot silence everyone. For those who wish to join me on this journey and support this cause, you will not be turned away. We must work together in unity to create the changes that we want to see in the world. We can live in a world of free energy, where food, water and shelter, the very basic necessities for our survival do not come at the cost of life itself. We can live in a world without war and the threat of Nuclear destruction

We are entering a new era where people are starting to lead themselves without the need of a government or political system. An era where we can clearly see this corruption and all seek a better world to share and live in. Thank you for taking the time to read this SOS, as I am currently on the road healing from injuries but will be continuing on the March of Freedom shortly. I use WIFI when I am able to get onto a network however now that they have silenced my Facebook profile I have lost access to many friends and family that I was keeping in touch with as well as the March of Freedom page itself. Your help is greatly appreciated. Together we can make a difference.

— Mark Howitt —

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