Marine says Sean Hannity can “FUCK OFF” at Occupy wall Street

13 Responses to Marine says Sean Hannity can “FUCK OFF” at Occupy wall Street

  • Semper freaking fi! I was in the Marine Corps 1962-1966 (Vietnam 1965). I totally agree with those two Marines and felt very proud of their statements. I cannot think of anything more appropriate to say to Hannity and his ilk. “Fuck off!” conveys a very succinct message.

  • TRULY defending the U.S.
    They need supplies pronto. Everywhere.
    Winters a commin’
    Tell your brothers and sisters…Educate.
    We can all get along.

  • This movement has been infiltrated by “plants”.. some of these people are the work of wall st.

  • These Marines are great and speak the truth. I am an Australian and ashamed of the lies both our Governments are spilling out. Long life truth and freedom. Bless the great and courageous Americans of Occupy Wall Street.

  • This country was founded on REVOLUTION! It was founded by those who chose to not sit idly by and accept what was happening around them, but instead to get up and start a revolution!

    If Hannity had remained long enough to learn something before dropping out of not one, but two universities, then he would have acquired some knowledge of history on which to draw, rather than talking out his arse about such subjects, as he regularly does.

  • I was down on wall street the other day and for the first time these are the first two men to tell me why they are on wall street protesting. I never got a straight answer from anyone down there. Everyone there is angry but no one has a clear cut opinion. I agree with what these two are saying, they earned the right to be there. If these two men were leading the protest they would have a lot more support. I would even say they would be able to change policy if these two were the leaders. However, I doubt very much if anything will come of this protest with their current leadership. By the way, stop selling weed in the park it takes away from the protest.

  • Finally, many American citizens are waking up. You should all focus on Occupying the whole country, the whole of USA and rid your country off of those parasitic Ziocons. because all of the disasters that happen to the nations in this world starts from USA. If you fail to do so, then the world would never be the same again. You would be enslaved forever too. Don’t believe me?

  • At last we see the true Americans so are not distracted by X Factor, American Idol and all the other equivalent stimuli that goes back to Roman circuses to distract the people from what is going on in their lives. Congress needs to be cleaned out from the apologists for Israel and equality brought back into a Constitutional America. The last real President America had was JFK and with any President who challenges the banks by introducing non Fed monies was assassinated as was Lincoln and Madison. Core problems stem from the money control and I agree that those true thinkers and patriots are making the real owners of America and indeed the world nervous and panicky. Power to the people.

  • Nice job men, thanks for yor service and your continuing service standing up for freedom and against the tyrannical rule of the big banks and wall street and their little propaganda pushing cowards in the mainstream media.

  • They should be protesting at 1600 Penn. Ave…That’s where the real problem is…

  • Great interview! That’s what this protest is all about. People loving Amerika and fighting for it, not for neocons and their lies. Everyone with brains and consciousness should support OWS movement. The only problem is that most of the people there are naive if they think that they can change anything democratically or peacefully. They no longer live in such country where it would be possible. There will be a brutal crackdown and with the first sight of counter violence government will introduce Martial law. So, these guys and we all are into a very long and bloody fight for real democracy, that is not based on lies and bombs.

  • There’s malcontents, dipshiites, and misfits in every organization ..I mean Lee Harvey Oswald was a marine too

  • Let me get this straight: two degrees and deep in debt because he can’t find a job. What are the degrees in and who CHOSE to get the degrees knowing the cost. Perhaps is he had pursued a field without a degree or gotten a degree in something useful…

    Bottom line is that he made the choice.

    Completely agree with ending unconstitutional wars and occupations, ending bailouts, and cutting taxes. Can’t agree on the I got myself into debt, can’t find a job and now want someone to bail me out and pay the debts that I made willingly.

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