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3 Responses to March 12 – Mad As Hell Money Bomb Guest List

  • Are you sure about Alex Jones?

    Are you aware of all these accusations against AJ?

    Bill O’Reilly Is Now Promoting Alex Jones?
    Alex Jones who has previously admitted having high level sources at Fox News and has interviewed Fox News personalities such as Judge Andrew Napolitano and Alan Colmes is now being promoted by Bill O’Reilly. A new Rolling Stone Magazine article written about talk show host Alex Jones set to be published this month reveals how he has been heavily influenced by the John Birch Society.

    The questions surrounding Alex Jones and his many connections to individuals who have been affiliated with the secretive political organization the Council for National Policy continue to go unanswered. The fact that Jones would choose the V symbol as a central theme in this latest publicity stunt proves conclusively that he is intentionally promoting occult evil.

    Alex Jones interviews High Level Council for National Policy Phyllis Schlafly…what’s really interesting about this interview is that Jones did not direct one single question regarding the Council for National Policy, the John Birch Society or her affiliation with the Knights of Malta towards Schlafly.

    This is yet again more proof that Jones is nothing more than a controlled opposition figurehead for the world government controllers. Alex Jones is now spreading pro-Zionist propaganda saying that he has no doubt that Hezbollah is operating down on the U.S. – Mexico border. Even the initial pro-Zionist propaganda reports from Fox News and the Jerusalem Post only said that they might be operating down there and could not definitively prove this from the sources provided.
    Clip from last night’s Live Free Or Die Radio show w/ guest Josh Reeves discussing how Alex Jones is increasingly proving that he is no different than other mainstream media hacks like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

    What do you think? Is this someone with an agenda, a controlled opposition figurehead who happens to work for the PTB or truly is honest?

  • Bill O’Reilly did not promote him, and yes I know Alex Jones. He is not CIA or anything else like that. Those videos on the web are total disinfo bullshit. Go look up COINTELPRO.

  • I’m not sold either way on Jones, but the only thing truth can hang its hat on sometimes, is who these people hang with. If all propaganda is 85% truth, then selling the rest as lies is not out of his realm. They always like to control the opposition and looks like Alex Jones is fast becoming the voice of the opposition.

    And since the Jesuits are very much a part of all the chaos in this world, along with the Vatican, why doesn’t Alex talk about them?

    As for looking up COINTELPRO, I could say the same thing to you?

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