Man Uses Baking Soda to Cure Year Long Bladder Infection

(ASSOCIATED CONTENT)    There is a man that has actually cured bladder infection that has come and gone for over a year.  He has spent literally thousands of dollars on doctors, who have tested him during this year and have not been able to find out what is wrong with him.  He has had CT scans, MRI’s, and other tests, in addition to being on antibiotics month after month with little or no result.  Then he also went to a very expensive Naturopath and again got no results. Then it happened, he met a woman who had another serious condition and had cured it with several weeks of a very careful and gradually diminishing level of Baking Soda, and within a month taking this (and only this ) very carefully planned dosage of Baking Soda.

This dosage needs to be strictly adhered too, because too much baking soda can cause alkalosis, a blood ph that is too high. The dosage he took was 1 teaspoon in a glassful of water and he followed that glass of water with another glass of water. He did this 3 times a day the first week, 2 times a day the second week and once a day the third week. He now is doing it once or twice a month to maintain the benefits. It has been two months since his last bladder infection.

This is just one amazing example of some things that you can do with baking soda. Other things that you can do with it are to mix it with either water or even hydrogen peroxide to use as a toothpaste. And when you are done with it, leave the toothbrush soaking in a cup with some hydrogen peroxide and water. This will keep the germs off the bristles of the brush and safe to actually put in your mouth the next time you use it. It is both cheaper and more effective than toothpaste you buy at the grocery store. In addition to that you are able buy this “toothpaste” with your food stamps.

Got scratches on your CD’s (this is NOT for use with any DVD’s, only CD’s) get a paper towel wet and dip the wet end into some baking soda. Use this and rub the CD gently. It will polish the edges of the scratches, which are the reason the CD won’t play properly, and your CD will play again.  Of course most people know that you can use an open box of baking soda in the refrigerator for deodorizing purposes, as well as in cat boxes and other places.
These are just some of the many purposes of baking soda that are able to help us medically and in our daily life such as for cleaning, deodorizing and other useful things.

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