Man Shoots Dead Police Officer Who Refused To Leave Property Without Warrant

(ALEXANDER HIGGINS)   A man has shot a police officer dead who pointed a gun in his face and was attempting to shoot the man’s dogs after being told to leave property without a warrant.

A Freemansburg Pennsylvania police officer, was shot dead by a man who ordered him not to come on his property unless he obtained a warrant.  The officer disregarded the man’s order and entered the property anyway.  The officer then proceeded to waive his gun in the man’s face. The man’s dogs then went after the officer. The officer was then ordered by his Sergeant to shoot man’s the dogs. The man responded by shooting the officer with his shotgun to protect his dogs.

Reports from the  U.S corporate media, such as the report from the local Lehigh Valley Live newspaper,  make no mention of the man telling the officer not to enter the property without a warrant or that the officer was attempting to shoot the man’s dog.


4 Responses to Man Shoots Dead Police Officer Who Refused To Leave Property Without Warrant

  • You better fucking believe I’d shoot anyone for trying to hurt my family, that includes my dogs.

  • This cop has been let go from two previous police departments for police brutality?!!
    It is a terrible shame and a tragic event, but these machismo cops who turn into dictator’s when they put on that uniform better beware that the American people have had enough of their police brutality. This man had a right to defend himself and his property form this fat ass cop.

  • It is sad that the police department failed to re-train their rookie.
    These kind of strong arm methods will not work on the American public.

  • I see it’s becoming more & more dangerous to be a fascist in uniform in the U.S.A.

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