Man ‘almost died’ on Christmas Day after one spray of Lynx deodorant

(DAILY MAIL)   A man says he almost died on Christmas Day after suffering a severe allergic reaction to Lynx deodorant.
Seconds after using the new can for the first time, Darren Palmer, 36, had difficulty breathing, his skin was itchy and he started coming out in blotches.
The motorway maintenance worker quickly took off his clothes and jumped into the bath at his home in Darfield, near Barnsley, and tried desperately to scrub off the Lynx Fever spray.

He then lost consciousness and went into an anaphylactic shock with swelling in his throat and windpipe.

His wife Joanne, 34, quickly made a 999 call for help.
Paramedics arrived within minutes and were able to open Darren’s airways and revive him before rushing him to Barnsley District Hospital.
Mr Palmer said: ‘We were getting ready for a our family lunch and I sprayed myself with deodorant and went downstairs but within a minute I started to get an allergic reaction.’
Mr Palmer’s mouth and the area around his eyes immediately started swelling up.
He added: ‘I got in the bath to wash it off and by that point my face was bright red, I was feeling faint and struggling to breathe.
‘I was trying scrub it off and I collapsed. It all happened so fast , it was terrible.
‘I work spraying chemicals so I would have thought if I had any sort of allergy I would have found out before now.
Added Joanne :’He started to panic and tried to get out of the bath but slipped and hit his head. I have never seen anyone unconscious and it scared me, I thought I had lost him.

‘When my parents arrived he had woken up but his airways were shutting down.’
Moments later paramedics arrived and gave Darren adrenaline and oxygen.
Mrs Palmer added: “Darren works away a lot and the doctors said if this had happened to him when he was on his own in a hotel he could have died.
He had in the past used other type of Lynx deodorant without any problem. He was released from hospital later.
Advertisement for Lynx products are famed for being suggestive and racy.
Public health consultant Dr Frances Clement said : ‘It is not common for someone to suffer an anaphylactic shock after spraying deodorant , common causes are food like nuts or wasp and bee stings.
‘However, it can be that the person is allergic to a chemical and when sprayed on a sensitive area like the armpit where blood vessels are very close to the skin a reaction will occur very quickly.
‘I would advise anyone using a chemical product to read the warning labels and carry out a patch test before use.’
A spokesman for Unilever which makes Lynx said : ‘Lynx is sorry to hear about this experience with one of our products.
‘We take all complaints seriously and our consumer careline team will investigate this matter to help understand what happened.
‘The Lynx Fever range has undergone the highest of dermatological testing an all of the products in the range are proven not to induce skin irritation.’

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