Mad Mex – Los Zetas Use Road Warrior-Style Vehicles to Battle Other Cartels, Military

(DEADLINE LIVE)   For over a year, the criminal organization known as Los Zetas has moved in to the Falcon Lake area on the Texas-Mexico border, chasing out paramilitary groups from the Gulf Drug Cartel. As these two drug cartel organizations fought for this crucial smuggling route or ‘plaza,’ Los Zetas burned down the city of Mier and several big businesses in the town of Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

With the exception of the local news media on both sides of the border, the major news outlets in Mexico and the U.S. have been silent, as local residents have been forced out of their homes, creating a refugee crisis to the point in which the city of Roma, Texas has been involved in humanitarian tasks to assist the city government of Miguel Aleman, providing food and clothing to people in need.

The gun battles, ambushes, and tactics used by the drug cartels are becoming more sophisticated. Two weeks ago, the Gulf Drug Cartel decided to launch a massive counter attack against Los Zetas. Now with the assistance of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel and the criminal organization known as La Familia Michoacana (both west coast cartels), the Gulf Cartel has joined forces with what’s known as ‘the Federation.’ With the assistance of the Federation, the Gulf Cartel is still battling Los Zetas. In the counter-attack, the Gulf Cartel has moved in several hundred kilometers into Zeta territory in the state of Nuevo Leon, where on a daily basis, hundreds of dead mutilated bodies have been found.

In a recent gun battle near the Texas border, the Gulf Cartel chased Los Zetas out of the now-abandoned city of Mier, forcing them to run to the nearby village of ‘Los Aldamas.’ When the Mexican Military finally arrived, they found out that they were outgunned and outnumbered. There were over one hundred vehicles full of armed men battling each other. The gun battle lasted all night, and the gunmen demonstrated sophisticated night-ops skills. The military finally received re-enforcements and took control of the situation by dawn.

After Los Zetas were chased out and ran across the Nuevo Leon state line, the Mexican military discovered an abandoned Mad-Max-style vehicle, apparently made of cast-iron or a similar thick, bullet-proof metal. The vehicle was only known in ‘Mexican urban legends’ as ‘El Monstruo’ or the monster. It had a gun turret and portals so troops inside can shoot their full auto rifles at rival gangs. The vehicle was capable of transporting a dozen troops, perhaps more.

Until recently, these man-made, Mad-Max-style armored vehicles had only been seen speeding on the back roads, transporting paramilitary troops late at night. They had been seen by so few people that the majority of the local population did not know or did not believe they existed.

Mexican Military ‘Sandcat’ Vehicles

In the southern state of Jalisco, the military discovered an even bigger armored vehicle. As a result, the leadership of the Mexican military has decided to purchase armored vehicles from the military-industrial complex. The Mexican Navy has now launched their brand new Oshkosh ‘Sandcat’ vehicles, capable of withstanding IED or rocket attacks.

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