Libya: A war for water?

(ATN)    Since the start of the war launched by NATO against Quaddafi in Lybia, many have raised the issue of ‘is this a war for control of oil’.  Another issue has also came to the surface that should demand more attention, the water supply. Some may not know that Libya, Egypt, Sudan, and Chad sit above a very large aquifer(see photo below). Which for the past 26 years, Quaddafi has been constructing the “Great Manmade River pipeline” spending around $20 billion on in a attempt to turn the dessert into farmland (not to defend Quaddafi’s Dictatorship). Also something Egypt was attempting to do.

Searing sand and gravel deserts, occasionally interrupted by uplifted massifs of pure bedrock, stretch from Egypt to Algeria in Northern Africa. Beneath the Sahara lie “three major aquifers, strata of saturated sandstones and limestones…The easternmost of these, extending over two million square kilometers, underlies all of Egypt west of the Nile, all of eastern Libya, and much of northern Chad and Sudan, and contains 375,000 cubic kilometers of water—the equivalent of 3750 years of Nile River flow. It is called the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System (NSAS).” (8)



Since the reason given for the war has been to help out the people of Libya, you would think that this would be something that NATO would try to protect. This was not the case. The man made river actually was a target for NATO, cutting off fresh water supply to manny Libyans. In return leaving libyan farmers without water to produce food for their country and fresh drinking water.


This should raise questions about the oil titains for a simple reason. The oil titains have been buying up water supplies around the world. The two most known is the Bush’s purchase of a 100,000 acres in Paraguay that sits above the Guarani Aquifer, and T. Boone Pickens which has so far purchased 200,000 acres that sits above the Ogallala Aquifer. Now ask yourself what is this war truly over.

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  • Now American taxpayers can pay for rebuilding the pipeline they paid to destroy. What a generous people we are! Hopefully they can figure out a way to get the water to Israel, who so deserves it for being our best most wonderful ally ever.

  • Once I heard that Nato had intentionally bombed the Manmade Rivers Project, and the factory that made the pipes needed to repair the system (on the same day!) I knew that the entire operation had nothing to do with humanitarianism.

    What was inflicted upon Libya is nothing short of a foreign invasion, using some indigenous troops. Many of the so called “rebel” troops were actually Qatar army regulars. This has already been admitted by Qatar.

    Gadaffi was a true hero to his people. He protected Libya from the west’s ambitions for 42 years. His only fault was to indulge his son Saif, and become ultra liberal.

    He never should have emptied his prisons…he released all of the LIFG terrorists who were in prison for trying to assassinate him.

    What kind of a “brutal dictator” forgives those who conspired and attempted to assassinate him? LIFG’s founding principal was the destruction of the Green Revolution and Muamar Gadaffi, simply because Gadaffi gave women the right to participate in the government, and gave them the same rights as men. The fundamentalist Islamic fanatics could not tolerate this and called Gadaffi the ultimate “infidel”.

    Gadaffi forgave these terrorists, let them out of prison, and no sooner that they were free, they started to infiltrate foreign fighters and weapons into Misrata and Bengazi…and soon they launched their very foreign supported insurrection.

    It’s a coup de etat.

    Gadaffi was a great man. I hope that Saif will take his place once Libya throws the Rats out.

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