Letters to Dick

(CVRP2012)   Recently, Dick Morris made this unfounded and idiotic claim on Sean Hannity’s program: “Ron Paul would weaken America so much that no true patriot could be for Ron Paul.” The response, as you might imagine, was instantaneous and vicious from combat veterans who support Ron Paul for President. We have received so many great letters to Dick (which, of course, have been promptly forwarded to his email address) from pissed-off vets that we just had to post a few of them here.

Here is what a few of our veterans had to say.



Mr. Morris,

My name is Jesse. I am writing in response to your comments on the Sean Hannity show. I am a 25 yr old Marine Corps veteran. I enlisted when I was 17 and served from 2004-2008. While assigned to 3rd bn 4th mar I deployed to Iraq twice once to Fallujah and once to Al Quaim. I am now rated by the VA as 60% percent disabled and can no longer serve my country in a military capacity. So I choose to serve my community as a law enforcement officer instead. I have proven my patriotism through self-sacrifice and service and continue to do so daily. What have you done for your country lately (or ever) Mr Morris? I swore an oath to uphold and defend the United States Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. That is why I support Ron Paul. He is the only candidate that truly sticks to the Constitution. So Mr Morris please explain to me how participating in our countries election process and supporting with my vote the Constitution is somehow unpatriotic. I look forward to your response.




Dear Dick,

I bled in the jungles of Vietnam while you hid safely at home. I find it deeply insulting that you would so carelessly say these words: “Ron Paul would weaken America so much that no true patriot could be for Ron Paul.” You have shown your true colors along with your ignorance.

And now, I have something to say to you, sir: I support Ron Paul and everything he stands for. I am a veteran. I love this country more than you can imagine. You, sir, are a scumbag and a liar.

-Sgt. Adam Thomas, Jr, Vietnam War Veteran, 101st Airborne Div, U.S. Army, 1967-1970.


Mr. Dick,
Rarely in my life have I taken the time to write letters in response to pathetic, neoconservative, trolls, like yourself, who utter vitriolic lies to continue the livelihood of your brand of establishmentarianism. But in light of your recent claim that “No true patriot could be for Ron Paul,” I first saw red and then decided to let you know: (1) how wrong you are, (2) how right Ron Paul is, and (3) how pathetic and unpatriotic you are, draft-dodger!
Exactly why is it that a 10-year Army veteran, earning the rank of Sergeant First Class, who served on 3 deployments to Iraq, earned a Purple Heart, Bronze Star Medal, and numerous other decorations is not a patriot for supporting Dr. Ron Paul? My exemplary military service has only been ended because of the two failed back surgeries, brought on by a decade of infantry maneuvers and parachuting, that have left me disabled. I have no regrets from my actions in combat, other than wishing that I could have saved my comrades, and my support of Dr. Paul is not based out of those desires. I am honestly thankful for the opportunities that I have been given to engage in bloody warfare (oops, I’m speaking to the walls on this one since you wouldn’t fucking know anything about it, pussy!), and I believe that wars are at times necessary… just not necessary when they are produced out of the military-industrial complex’s grip on RINO’s who view the Constitution as an obstacle rather than law.

I, just like Dr. Paul, love this country and its Constitution. My patriotism is unwavering, just like Dr. Paul’s historic commitment to defend the Constitution and abide by its content. Many Paul supporters, particularly those who are in the military, hold the same patriotic values as I do and back the Champion of Liberty because of his patriotic, constitutional positions.

Neoconservatism might be your disgusting cup of tea, Mr. Dick, but your morbidly un-American attempt to dissuade true conservatives from supporting Dr. Paul needs to cease. You know very well how many of Dr. Paul’s supporters either have worn or are currently fucking wearing the uniforms of the services of the greatest nation on Earth. Your recent statement on Hannity’s establishment-based, evangelically-oriented, neoconservative, anti-Constitutional, anti-gentile talk show not only represented your disdain for true conservatives, but also served as a means of you taking a fat shit on all of those veterans who support Dr. Paul. Fuck you!
Mr. Dick, you have to realize that not all republicans and conservatives are selfish cocksuckers like you. Just because you are a plump and worthless “quasi-man” with an extremely annoying accent does not mean that you need to cling to the establishment and offend the sensitivities and values of real American patriots. Lots of “men” found their way out of the service (draft or not) during Vietnam, just not real men like my father (who wasn’t even a fucking citizen until the 90′s) or Dr. Paul. But it is dead fucking wrong for you to chastise so many who have served and discount their patriotism because you: desire to increase the size and scope of government; establish a one world government; regulate social values; use taxes as weapons and control measures; reduce entrepreneurship and self-reliance; enhance welfare programs through pork spending; increase constituents’ dependency on the government; print fiat money; establish an empirical aristocracy that spans as far as possible; restrict personal and economic liberties; denounce humankind’s inalienable rights; create a more robust military-industrial complex; remove the balance of powers with an imperial presidential seat; grow the Federal Reserve; shit on justice; etc.
Mr. Dick, this message was as kind as I could possibly write it. I am honestly a very courteous and polite person. I am a devoted husband, a caring father, a responsible gun-owner, a friendly neighbor, a virtuous nondenominational believer, an avid fly-fisherman, an expert shooter, a fastidious college student with a 4.0, and a TRUE PATRIOT! I normally speak and write with dignity and poise, but I think that my selection of vocabulary used in this message was well chosen. Please apologize, Mr. Dick, not only is it the right thing to do, but you might gain a higher sense of self-realization and move up a step on Maslow’s hierarchy if you just move past your callous and pathetic current state of being. Take off the horse-blinders of neoconservatism, Zionism (and don’t try to label me as an anti-Semitic, I just fail to see where the Constitution authorizes the U.S. Congress and other areas of government to act as a surrogate for the legislation, governance, and feeding hand of Israel), pompousness, and hate because you might just learn a thing or two about how right Dr. Paul truly is.


Cody P. Burke,

Hope Mills, NC

P.S. Where were you after you graduated Columbia in 1967? A quick look on open sources came up with no definitive answer to your absence in Vietnam.


Mr Morris:

I was made aware of your comments on the Sean Hannity program in which you stated (erroneously) that true patriots could not support Ron Paul. Well, this one does. Unlike you, I served in the military (E Troop, 2d Squadron/ 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment) and saw combat at the Battle of 73 Easting in Operation Desert Storm.

I support Ron Paul unequivocally and enthusiastically. Do you dare to question my patriotism, sir?
R. Matthew Lee


Dick Morris,

You did not serve yet have the nerve to say what is patriotic? The fact that Ron gets more money from our soldiers that any other candidate would suggest that you claim most of our soldiers are not patriots.


-Alan Richards


Mr. Morris,

I caught your comment about how no true patriot could support Ron Paul. I’m a retired/disabled combat veteran of the War in Afghanistan, and a very patriotic American. I support Ron Paul for President. You’ve deeply insulted me and the cause for which I’ve dedicated so much of my life, so I have something to say to you: FUCK YOU sideways, you punk-ass little bitch pile of shit! Feel free to come get your ass kicked any time.


Adam G. House

U.S. Army (retired)


Dick (Just about sums it up),

I served in the United States Marine Corps and am proud to see
Congressman Paul live up to his oath to the Constitution. I don’t
appreciate being called “unpatriotic” by someone who has never
volunteered to serve in our nation’s military. You had your chance to
serve, you did not.

So, kindly, Sir, it’s time for you and all your chickenhawk friends to step aside and let the real patriots take back our Constitutional Republic.

Jon Melendez, USMC
Dear Dick,

As a combat veteran and Ron Paul supporter, I think you are a hypocrite and the last person who would know what patriotism is.

According to Thomas Jefferson dissent is the greatest form of patriotism and that is exactly what our vote for Ron Paul is. We no longer will support the status quo. What do you think about that Dick?

A compilation of videos I have collected from veterans over the last five months. As veterans we have a duty to the American people to let them know that we overwhelmingly support the candidate of peace and the champion of The Constitution. Please share. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yP8q7fc7TR4&feature=youtu.be

SGT Ryan Treat
US Army
OIF 1 Sadr City, Iraq
OIF 2 Al Najaf, Iraq 

Mr. Morris,
I am an active Coast Guardsman who has served for 5 years at sea. Every cutter I have served on has been unfit for sea, in other words we fought tooth and nail to stay afloat and not catch fire. I highly doubt you’ve been on a burning ship in the middle of the ocean, but trust me, it sucks. So after 5 years, I have suffered injuries that make me no longer fit for duty and I will be returning to civilian life soon. Being active duty I have seen politician after politician give empty speeches and downright lies to my shipmates and I. I am supporting Ron Paul because he’s NOT another empty suit and I fell your comment was a disgusting slap in the face to myself as well as every other member who HAS served. I urge you to apologize for your choice of words and think next time you might offend the vast majority of the military.



Mr. Morris,

Words cannot describe my disgust for your comment that supporting Ron Paul is unpatriotic, yourself, or the neoconservative warmongering masters you serve.

The following are the Ron Paul Supporters in my family:

Brother – WO2, US Army – Deployed to Iraq as an air traffic controller, received indirect fire on a regular basis. Commissioned and now currently in flight school.
Father – LCDR, US Navy – Navy flight surgeon just returned from Afghanistan. Has seen more dead Marines than he cares to remember.
Grandfather – SGT, US Army National Guard – Korean War Veteran. He was too young to serve in WWII, so he stepped up as the town’s Boy Scout Troop Scoutmaster while the men left their homes to fight. Enlisted and served in Korea when he was old enough.
Myself – LT, US Navy – Multiple deployments in support of Global War on Terror and Operation Iraqi “Freedom”. Spent months protecting Iraqi oil platforms a stone’s throw from Iranian waters.

We support Ron Paul because he would be a Commander-in-Chief who takes his Oath to Support and Defend the Constitution as seriously as the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines under him. We have come to see that, as Dr. Paul has shown, that our meddling in these foreign affairs only bankrupts our country and endangers more Americans. Dr. Paul understands what it means to serve and understands what true patriotism is. He wouldn’t toss the lives of his fellow countrymen carelessly away for these foreign misadventures or nation building.

You are a coward who leads a miserable excuse of a life and deserve only the ire and contempt of every American patriot.

Avery, USN


What a Dick,

It strengthens America to take it’s citizens rights and freedoms? To censor,spy, and thanks to the NDAA illegally detain American citizens indefinitely without due process is American? To tarnish the value of the US dollar and economy… these are things that are patriotic? Perhaps you do not recall what the first true patriots fought for and in fact what this country was created for. If you think any of the aforementioned travesties are patriotic then I am confident that you have forgotten two key things:
1) America is the PEOPLE not the GOVERNMENT.
2) The governments sole role is to work FOR THE PEOPLE, to protect their LIBERTIES.


Mr. Morris,

I consider myself a true Patriot. I come from a long line of American soldiers and support our military whole heartily. I believe in the principles that this nation were founded on. I believe that our Federal government is corrupt and far too large. I believe that the powers of government need to be returned to the States. I believe that individuals like you have the right to speak your mind, while being responsible for the words spoken. Although you are wrong in thinking that no true patriot would ever vote for Ron Paul, I respect your right to say it. I AM a true Patriot, who supports a TRUE Patriot by the name of Ron Paul. Your rude comments show all the world what a small-minded individual you are and how little you know about Patriotism.



Dick Morris,

You are a talking head, a puppet for big government spreading more of the same bull shit lies that has crippled our economy but not the spirit of the American patriot. You are not qualified to comment on what a patriot is, because you have never been a patriot. If you go to a fancy school and read thick expensive books you still cannot pervert common sense to align with the sewage that comes out of your mouth. You are a joke, a coward, and a fat pathetic sorry excuse for a man. If I was your son, I’d turn gay just to watch you commit suicide. In your heart you know the bull shit that comes out of your mouth is false, that sir makes you evil.



Dear Mr. Dick,

I’m not sure where to start as my fellow veterans and patriots have said plenty. First off, I am a veteran of OIF. Secondly, I am a proud wife to a current AD (active duty- since you, yourself are not familiar with the military) patriot.

Please, sir, explain to me how exercising my freedom and choosing to vote for my chosen candidate is unpatriotic? Also, how is it unpatriotic to support the one man who actually fights for the constitution and stands by his oath?

You, sir, have quite a bit of explaining to do, and quite possibly and apology, to all those patriots you claim to be unpatriotic.

Crystal S.

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”- Gandhi


I joined in ’82 cause I didn’t know what to do. My Dad had recently retired from the USAF (Vietnam medic), so I joined. But my Dad had become a VERY different father than before he went there–only in the last few years have I realized why. I figure I lost a good 20 years thru not having a Dad in my life. And now after a 22-year career of my own, and now a 7-year career as a Senior IT Manager for the DOD, I have come to the conclusion that the last couple years of my active time and all of my civilian service career have been a total waste of a)Life b)Taxpayer $$ c)Effort d)Purpose. Nothing these flag-waiving, patriotic ‘elected representatives’ and their ‘free press’ minions told us was true. Nothing. And that is why I write. Anyone, ANYONE, who believes our military conquests over the past 50 years have been ‘for the vital national security interests of the United States’ needs a GREAT dose of REAL history, not the stuff they feed us in the schools and workplaces. It’s a travesty to hear such vile, vulgar and vitriolic words from anyone, let alone a ‘conservative’, let alone a D.C. staple, let alone an American.

What country have we become? What country’s entire national media cohorts to marginalize Doctor Paul? What country consumes neighborhoods with fear of SWAT teams? What country allows one, single voice to run its monetary and foreign policy? Dick Morris knows exactly what I’m talking about and so do most of you. It is time to come out, stand up, and defeat those who, in the great words of Henry Kissinger, “treat us like the dumb animals we are, to be used as pawns…”

Edward Stephens


Lmfao, I love these comments. Ron Paul 2012. Bring them home to defend the nation from these bureaucrats.



Dick (what an appropriate name),

As a veteran of the first Gulf War in Iraq, I find your comments about Ron Paul and his supporters to be more than just offensive… they are un-American and unpatriotic… to say the least. Just because someone doesn’t agree with your view of the world they couldn’t possibly be a patriot? Or maybe you don’t really think that way, but rather you are PAID to think that way… could that be it??

I’ll tell you what…

If you think that these wars for profit are so admirable, why don’t you let us bring our troops home and you and your neo-con, piece of shit buddies go over there and do some fighting?

Oh yeah, I forgot. You’re all cowards.

I could go on and on, but judging from the rest of these letters, I think you’re starting to get the idea. You sir, are a waste of human flesh.




Ron Paul is more of a patriot than you or you friend who’s ass you kiss every time you are on the O’reilly show. For some reason you think that a candidate needs to be a hawk to fit into your definition of a true American.

You need a reality check Mr. Moron. O’Really is not a conservative patriot, he is a progressive neocon, as you are. That’s right, a neocon. Just like Bush and Obama.
Ron Paul is the best Patriot that is running for office on either side of the fence. He is not only a Patriot, but a Constitutionalist; Something that you seem to ignore in your warmongering rants that you do on Faux news.

Ron Paul is on par with Thomas Jefferson. He is one of those outstanding men that come along every so often that are TRUE Patriots and wants to help our nation get back to the Constitution.

Nowhere in our Constitution does it suggest that we should be the policemen of the world, or should mind other countries’ affairs. Nor does it say that we should try to spread our democracy by bombing other countries.
It is also clear that all the people who lead our country need to lead by the principles of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Ever heard of those? If not, you can find a copy by typing “Constitution” and “Bill of Rights” into a Google search window. Bush and Obama along with the Patriot Act, now the NDAA and a few others have taken us further from the Constitution than any other Presidents have. We now appear to be living in a fascist police state with Obama as a dictator.

Wake your dumb ass up and realize that our government is corrupt and bought by the banks. The banks and the Federal Reserve are the ones really running the country.
I for one am proud and thankful for Ron Paul to be our next President. Someone that will start turning around all the abuses made to our constitution and return our government back to its appropriate size. He will also deal with other countries as a friend and use diplomacy where needed. He also stands for a strong national defense.
He is not an isolationist as many of you like to categorize him; he is a non interventionist. He wants to trade and be friends with our neighbors rather than drop bombs on their heads and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.
Ron Paul is more of a Patriot than you could ever hope to be. And more than O’really could ever hope to be.

I’m a veteran that believes in my oath to fight for the Constitution against foreign and domestic enemies, and it seems like we have more domestic enemies these days. Our government has turned from the Constitution and does not respect the freedom and liberties of the American citizens. The government is corrupt and bought by banks and corporations through the use of lobbyists.
Ron Paul will change all this, and I am proud to be a supporter of Ron Paul. He is the best Patriot we’ve had run for President since Kennedy.

So watch who you call unpatriotic, you O’Really ass kissing twit.

Best regards,

U.S. Navy Seal

P.S. Ron Paul would strengthen this country more than any other candidate. Your statement that he would weaken it so much that no real Patriot would support him is completely wrong and misleading of the principles for which Ron Paul stands. I suggest that you learn about Paul’s platform and stance on protecting our country before you make a further ass of yourself (if that is possible).


Mr. Morris:

Your statement the other day that “Ron Paul would weaken America so much that no true patriot could be for Ron Paul.” was outrageous and insulting to the many brave and women currently serving in the armed forces. My son is currently an Army Infantryman serving in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He supports Ron Paul, as do many of his brothers and sisters, as evidenced y the Federal Election Commission reports on donations by both Active Duty and retired military personnel. TO make such an appalling and blanket statement disparages the intelligence, integrity and patriotism of some of the finest most upstanding men and women in America. I demand you issue an apology immediately, not only for the good of your somewhat diminished reputation, but also for the honor and integrity of the men and women in the armed forces who are fighting to maintain you ability to spew such ignorant and hateful words, even though they, and dare I say, most Americans disagree with them.

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.


Dick Morris,

I am an Iraq war veteran of the United States Marine Corps and I support Ron Paul. If this country worried more about its border and less about other countries borders we would be safer and return a lot money back to the economy. Not sure how that is unpatriotic. I guess to love America today you’re suppose to want more of our troops to risk their lives in foreign affairs while the country goes bankrupt, yeah that sounds way more patriotic.

Andrew Gonzales

Mr. Morris,

I find your opinions that come out of your ignorant,obese mouth on the Hannity program reprehensible.I am a Navy veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Storm and support Ron Paul for President.I rarely get upset with the useless talk of ignorant trolls as yourself,but when those who have NEVER served question the patriotism of those who did,Most assuredly you will get a response from me.
Ron Paul has also served in the Air Force as a flight surgeon,What have you done for this country as an act of patriotism?I would be willing to wager you could spend hours in cogitation thinking of this and trying to find one remote instance where you gave of yourself in a patriotic manner that did not serve your selfish agenda in some capacity.
Ignorant and selfish sloths such as yourself with careers in the media have nothing to contribute to our nation that will ever foster or perpetuate Americanism.Happy holidays,and have another cheeseburger you fat bastard.
DC3 Douglas Thomas,USN
Mr. Morris
I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps who served in Iraq and I demand an apology for your statments regarding patriotism and supporting Ron Paul. I am sure you made an honest mistake which can happen when people are passionate about something. I have been guilty of it myself. I am a proud patriot of this country and took my oath to protect the constitution seriously which is why I choose to support Ron Paul. I find it incredibly insulting to be called unpatriotic and so do all my veteran friends who support ron paul. You should go on tv and acknowledge your mistake like a man, the last thing we need to teach future generations is the idealogy of: “if they think differently they must not like america”. Even George W. Bush said just because we think differently does not mean either party is any less patriotic (paraphrased).

Andrew Gonzales

I had the recent displeasure of hearing your name for the first time and it certainly wasn’t a good 1st impression. Ron Paul supporters are unpatriotic? I served in the United States Air Force from 2001-2005 and I find it highly offensive that a chicken-hawk would call me unpatriotic because I support the Champion of the Constitution, Dr. Ronald Earnest Paul, M.D. Since you decided to spew nonsense from your useless face hole, I now invite you to come and tell me that I am unpatriotic to my face. Tell it to my face as I hold my DD Form 214 up to yours. Say it to my wife’s face as she tells you how much she missed me while I was deployed. Say it to my mom’s face as she recalls saying goodbye to me as I stepped on the bus to be shipped off to the Middle East. The next time you think about flapping your stupid car bumper-esque jaw, you should look at yourself in the mirror and decide whether or not you want to piss off some more veterans.

Stay off of our radar.


Senior Airman Jeremy Brooks, Veteran, USAF (2001-2005)
I retired from U.S. Army 1st SFOD-D (A) in December 2005. I retired a MSG of Special Forces. I fought in every damn war our nation has embarked on since 1985. I’m married, have 7 children, own my own business. I sir will never, ever vote for a political party ever again. I will write in Ron Paul if he is not the nominee. Now to your statement….

What act of courage can we attribute to Dick Morris? Moral or otherwise…. You are a fat disgusting parasite that has lived off your betters for far to long. I would sincerely enjoy an hour of your time, anywhere. In a public forum if you’d prefer. I can afford the lawyers. You people are all the same. Brave while the world watches, but in the private you cower behind the safety of better men. What has been your contribution to the betterment of our society Dick? Anything of significance? Kinda what I thought.

To disagree is not the issue. Your assertion that you know more than we do about the veracity of Dr. Paul’s positions on foreign policy is laughable. Have you ever killed anyone Dick? How many flags have you handed to widows whose children call you Uncle? Do you know what I’m doing for Christmas Dick? trying to make some little boys and girls smile because it is the first one without their dad. All so you and your sycophants can claim the moral high ground of being strong on defense. You make me sick.

If Ron Paul is not the nominee, I will write him in. If he runs third party, I will vote for him. If this gets Obama re-elected, then the country gets what we deserve. Killing people doesn’t make us safe. Following our Constitution and staying the hell out of other peoples affairs does. The more we meddle the worse the world hates us. IF you scumbags would spend time carrying out your own handy work, you would know that.

I hope upon hope that Ron Paul is our President. That means all you parasites will need to get a real job. In short Dick, go fuck yourself.

MSG Mike Maull
USA Special Foreces

Ft Bragg, NC

I am going to make this short and sweet, as you don’t deserve too much of my time. I would like to echo some of my fellow brothers by saying that during the Oath of Enlistment, I do “SOMELY SWEAR to SUPPORT and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA”. I serve my country faithfully and do everything it asks. To call people unpatriotic who support the Champion of this Great Document is a slap in the face and should call for your resignation. You do not know what it means to serve or to support and defend what you take for granted. I actually personally believe that NOT voting for Ron Paul is TREASONOUS to this country on the grounds of not defending our best interest: freedom. I really hope you retract those statements and really take a look at yourself. I hope you can still sleep well at night after making those atrocious comments. I know that I couldn’t.

Very Respectfully,
IT2(AW) Mario Scheri
Dear Sir,

You clearly know not of whom you speak.

-True Patriot
Dear Dick,
I’d love to know what you were doing while I was serving two deployments to Iraq as a combat medic in the U.S. Army. What exactly is it about you that qualifies you and your cowardly, neocon, chickenhawk comrades to determine who the “real” patriots are? Your words are false and ignorant and I demand a full apology on behalf of all who have stepped up to serve this great country (including Ron Paul).

Greg Waldron
OIF 2006-2007
OND 2010-2011


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